Individual Results for 2018 Karma CX - Day 1
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Race Details
Race Type Cycling
Race Date 9/29/2018 9:00:00 AM
Race Location New Brighton, MN
Race Description Karma CX returns for it's second year. A two day affair with the help of Peace Coffee and Andrew Barlage. Proceeds from the race go to the MCF.

Wednesday Night CX meets Wirth on Wednesday October 3!
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FieldPosPICBib #First NameLast NameTeamClassTotal Time
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677451335Jr Boys11349NigelNowlinThe Fix StudioJr Boys 9 - 1225:58.5 PLYMOUTH
677461335Jr Boys21348EvanNowlinThe Fix StudioJr Boys 13 - 1426:54.1 PLYMOUTH
677471335Jr Boys31338ZacOldroyd Jr Boys 15 - 1828:39.9  
677481335Jr Boys42351GerikNowlinThe Fix StudioJr Boys 9 - 1226:03.3 PLYMOUTH
677491335Jr Boys53340RoczenBeissel Jr Boys 9 - 1229:29.6  
677501335Jr Boys64352EthanVarcoe Jr Boys 9 - 1225:53.1  
677511335M Cat 1 211249PeterOlejniczakOrion RacingM Cat 1 20:58:23.5 MINNEAPOLIS
677521335M Cat 1 222235JohnHeinlein IIIOrion RacingM Cat 1 21:03:41.9 STILLWATER
677531335M Cat 1 233379MarkMlinarMbrac/flandersM Cat 1 21:00:04.1 HUTCHINSON
677541335M Cat 311358BenHeyHoliday Camp Cycling ClubM Cat 30:58:50.2 SAINT LOUIS PARK
677551335M Cat 322232JohnGlynnTop Natchez RacingM Cat 30:59:47.7 EDINA
677561335M Cat 333355KevinThum M Cat 31:00:17.2  
677571335M Cat 344230DustinGaffkeHoliday Camp Cycling ClubM Cat 31:00:53.2 OWATONNA
677581335M Cat 355382BrianRogersSynergyM Cat 31:04:13.0 MINNEAPOLIS
677071335M Cat 3 41187KeirStieglerTop Natchez RacingM Cat 3 439:35.8 SAINT LOUIS PARK
677081335M Cat 3 422244LeviLowellFulton RacingM Cat 3 440:12.2 RICHFIELD
677091335M Cat 3 433221JakeCampbellBirchwood/gisM Cat 3 441:13.6 MINNEAPOLIS
677101335M Cat 3 444336BrianSprague M Cat 3 441:55.5  
677111335M Cat 3 455218JacobBeisselLoon State CyclistsM Cat 3 4 Mast 35+42:04.2 HASTINGS
677121335M Cat 3 46688MichaelPhernetton M Cat 3 4 Mast 35+42:16.4 HUDSON
677131335M Cat 3 477240BrianKozickiTop Natchez RacingM Cat 3 4 Mast 35+42:20.6 SAINT LOUIS PARK
677141335M Cat 3 488243MattLeizingerAll-CityM Cat 3 4 Mast 35+42:26.8 RICHFIELD
677151335M Cat 3 499247NicholasNelsonKingfieldM Cat 3 442:30.0 MINNEAPOLIS
677161335M Cat 3 41010222AndrewCrane M Cat 3 442:32.5 MINNEAPOLIS
677171335M Cat 3 41111219HenryBraun M Cat 3 443:21.6 MINNEAPOLIS
677181335M Cat 3 41212333MicahTurman M Cat 3 4 Mast 35+43:28.6 MINNEAPOLIS
677191335M Cat 3 41313237AnthonyMikaMinnesota Junior Cycling Inc.M Cat 3 443:37.5 ANDOVER
677201335M Cat 3 41414332EricPirins M Cat 3 4 Mast 35+43:41.5  
677211335M Cat 3 41515287ChrisRussoLoon State CyclistsM Cat 3 4 Mast 35+43:42.4 EAGAN
677221335M Cat 3 41616335ChrisVan ErtPack Filler UnitedM Cat 3 4 Mast 35+43:44.4 SAINT PAUL
677231335M Cat 3 41717345NickBoultonSynergyM Cat 3 4 Mast 35+43:45.5 SAINT PAUL
677241335M Cat 3 41818343AaronCollinsTop Natchez RacingM Cat 3 443:52.3 MINNEAPOLIS
677251335M Cat 3 41919286JosephReevesFreewheel BikeM Cat 3 443:58.2 MINNEAPOLIS
677261335M Cat 3 42020337OwenEerdmans M Cat 3 444:34.5 CHAMPLIN
677271335M Cat 3 42121217JasonBeckLoon State CyclistsM Cat 3 445:11.2 MINNEAPOLIS
677281335M Cat 3 42222342ChrisPetersenHollywood CyclesM Cat 3 4 Mast 35+45:15.7 MINNEAPOLIS
677291335M Cat 3 42323216JoelBeachPeace Coffee RacingM Cat 3 4 Mast 35+45:33.4 BLOOMINTON
677301335M Cat 3 42424334KevinSupple M Cat 3 4 Mast 35+45:50.3 ROBBINSDALE
677311335M Cat 3 42525346JaredGazdaRevolution Cycle & SkiM Cat 3 445:57.1 HOPKINS
677321335M Cat 3 42626282CharlesPuttonenPeace Coffee RacingM Cat 3 4 Mast 35+39:49.8 BURNSVILLE
677331335M Cat 3 42727339TedClausenAll-CityM Cat 3 4 Mast 35+39:58.4 MINNEAPOLIS
677341335M Cat 3 42828229RyanFahrmannPeace Coffee RacingM Cat 3 440:09.8 NEW BRIGHTON
677351335M Cat 3 42929233BennettGoiffonPeace Coffee RacingM Cat 3 4 Mast 35+41:04.8 MINNEAPOLIS
677361335M Cat 3 43030354WilliamDickTop Natchez RacingM Cat 3 4 Mast 35+41:18.5 MINNEAPOLIS
677371335M Cat 3 43131341JoshuaSchneider M Cat 3 442:14.8 MINNEAPOLIS
677381335M Cat 3 43232353MorrisonSmith M Cat 3 4 Mast 35+45:00.2 MINNEAPOLIS
678171335M Cat 4 511284AaronRay M Cat 4 527:16.6 NORTHFIELD
678181335M Cat 4 522221JakeCampbellBirchwood/gisM Cat 4 527:21.0 MINNEAPOLIS
678191335M Cat 4 533215DanielAyala M Cat 4 528:24.0 BROOKLYN PARK
678201335M Cat 4 541487PapitoGregorio M Clydesdale29:10.0  
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Top 10 Finishers by Class

PIFPICBibFirst NameLast NameFieldClassTimeCityGender
ClassName: Jr Boys 13 - 14
 21348EvanNowlinJr BoysJr Boys 13 - 1426:54.1PLYMOUTHM
ClassName: Jr Boys 15 - 18
 31338ZacOldroydJr BoysJr Boys 15 - 1828:39.9 M
ClassName: Jr Boys 9 - 12
 11349NigelNowlinJr BoysJr Boys 9 - 1225:58.5PLYMOUTHM
 42351GerikNowlinJr BoysJr Boys 9 - 1226:03.3PLYMOUTHM
 53340RoczenBeisselJr BoysJr Boys 9 - 1229:29.6 M
 64352EthanVarcoeJr BoysJr Boys 9 - 1225:53.1 M
ClassName: M Cat 1 2
 11249PeterOlejniczakM Cat 1 2M Cat 1 20:58:23.5MINNEAPOLISM
 22235JohnHeinlein IIIM Cat 1 2M Cat 1 21:03:41.9STILLWATERM
 33379MarkMlinarM Cat 1 2M Cat 1 21:00:04.1HUTCHINSONM
ClassName: M Cat 3
 11358BenHeyM Cat 3M Cat 30:58:50.2SAINT LOUIS PARKM
 22232JohnGlynnM Cat 3M Cat 30:59:47.7EDINAM
 33355KevinThumM Cat 3M Cat 31:00:17.2 M
 44230DustinGaffkeM Cat 3M Cat 31:00:53.2OWATONNAM
 55382BrianRogersM Cat 3M Cat 31:04:13.0MINNEAPOLISM
ClassName: M Cat 3 4
 1187KeirStieglerM Cat 3 4M Cat 3 439:35.8SAINT LOUIS PARKM
 22244LeviLowellM Cat 3 4M Cat 3 440:12.2RICHFIELDM
 33221JakeCampbellM Cat 3 4M Cat 3 441:13.6MINNEAPOLISM
 44336BrianSpragueM Cat 3 4M Cat 3 441:55.5 M
 99247NicholasNelsonM Cat 3 4M Cat 3 442:30.0MINNEAPOLISM
 1010222AndrewCraneM Cat 3 4M Cat 3 442:32.5MINNEAPOLISM
ClassName: M Cat 3 4 Mast 35+
 55218JacobBeisselM Cat 3 4M Cat 3 4 Mast 35+42:04.2HASTINGSM
 6688MichaelPhernettonM Cat 3 4M Cat 3 4 Mast 35+42:16.4HUDSONM
 77240BrianKozickiM Cat 3 4M Cat 3 4 Mast 35+42:20.6SAINT LOUIS PARKM
 88243MattLeizingerM Cat 3 4M Cat 3 4 Mast 35+42:26.8RICHFIELDM
ClassName: M Cat 4 5
 11284AaronRayM Cat 4 5M Cat 4 527:16.6NORTHFIELDM
 22221JakeCampbellM Cat 4 5M Cat 4 527:21.0MINNEAPOLISM
 33215DanielAyalaM Cat 4 5M Cat 4 528:24.0BROOKLYN PARKM
 54219HenryBraunM Cat 4 5M Cat 4 529:31.3MINNEAPOLISM
 65285EvanRayM Cat 4 5M Cat 4 529:36.2MINNEAPOLISM
 86484DavidWinecoffM Cat 4 5M Cat 4 529:56.5ST LOUIS PARKM
 97242MikeLadendorfM Cat 4 5M Cat 4 529:58.5FARMINGTONM
 108485DanielCraigM Cat 4 5M Cat 4 530:08.7MINNEAPOLISM
 119216JoelBeachM Cat 4 5M Cat 4 530:30.0BLOOMINTONM
 1210299CarlWillkomM Cat 4 5M Cat 4 530:42.3MINNEAPOLISM
ClassName: M Clydesdale
 41487PapitoGregorioM Cat 4 5M Clydesdale29:10.0 M
 72594JoelBentonM Cat 4 5M Clydesdale29:56.0MINNEAPOLISM
 223234TheodoreHalvorsonM Cat 4 5M Clydesdale32:43.5MINNEAPOLISM
 264481BrianEkartM Cat 4 5M Clydesdale27:34.4 M
ClassName: M SingleSpd
 11383BarryTungsethM SingleSpdM SingleSpd45:16.6LAKE ELMOM
 22244LeviLowellM SingleSpdM SingleSpd45:16.7RICHFIELDM
 33279DavidPetersonM SingleSpdM SingleSpd45:17.1MINNEAPOLISM
 44224MonteDirksM SingleSpdM SingleSpd46:18.2MINNEAPOLISM
 55241WesleyKuhnleyM SingleSpdM SingleSpd46:45.6MINNEAPOLISM
 66394MikaelEllingsonM SingleSpdM SingleSpd47:52.9HOPKINSM
 77388DavenKokkilaM SingleSpdM SingleSpd49:06.3SAINT PAULM
 88222AndrewCraneM SingleSpdM SingleSpd50:02.3MINNEAPOLISM
 99399TimothyBudgeM SingleSpdM SingleSpd50:06.1MINNEAPOLISM
 1010242MikeLadendorfM SingleSpdM SingleSpd50:17.3FARMINGTONM
ClassName: Masters 35+
 11357TimNorrieMasters 35+Masters 35+1:00:38.5MINNEAPOLISM
 22225BrianKoenemanMasters 35+Masters 35+1:02:11.1MINNEAPOLISM
 33213MarkusAndersonMasters 35+Masters 35+1:04:52.3MINNEAPOLISM
 44359TimStalochMasters 35+Masters 35+0:58:41.4WATERTOWNM
 55218JacobBeisselMasters 35+Masters 35+0:59:36.6HASTINGSM
 66378JonFriedellMasters 35+Masters 35+0:59:44.2MINNETONKAM
 77287ChrisRussoMasters 35+Masters 35+1:00:30.4EAGANM
 88339TedClausenMasters 35+Masters 35+1:03:49.9MINNEAPOLISM
 99356AaronKoehlerMasters 35+Masters 35+0:58:52.4EDINAM
ClassName: Masters 45+
 111026Arik JonHolmMasters 45+Masters 45+45:38.6MINNEAPOLISM
 22397DaveFettersMasters 45+Masters 45+46:05.5 M
 33390EdAlpasaMasters 45+Masters 45+46:29.6DAYTONM
 44396MichelDalalMasters 45+Masters 45+47:04.2LAKEVILLEM
 65381ThomasManderfeldMasters 45+Masters 45+47:23.7SAUK RAPIDSM
 76391JeffCurtesMasters 45+Masters 45+47:33.7MENOMONEE FALLSM
 97398ToddHeiserMasters 45+Masters 45+48:51.6SAVAGEM
 128389TracyParadiseMasters 45+Masters 45+51:02.1VICTORIAF
 139594JoelBentonMasters 45+Masters 45+46:15.7MINNEAPOLISM
 1410395ChrisSurMasters 45+Masters 45+46:55.3 M
ClassName: Masters 55+
 51226LadricD'Schommer-GrantMasters 45+Masters 55+47:16.5MINNEAPOLISM
 82386JohnIltisMasters 45+Masters 55+48:24.5ST LOUIS PARKM
 103281BrucePorterMasters 45+Masters 55+49:24.2HOPKINSM
 114387ScottDevillersMasters 45+Masters 55+49:50.9 M
 1551004MarkOvergaardMasters 45+Masters 55+47:39.6VADNAISHEIGHTSM
 166236DaveHenryMasters 45+Masters 55+47:41.6MINNEAPOLISM
ClassName: W Athena
 41384ErinAyalaW Cat 4 5W Athena38:48.7BROOKLYN PARKF
ClassName: W Cat 1 2
 11298JennaWestlakeW Cat 1 2W Cat 1 248:33.4FARMINGTONF
ClassName: W Cat 3
 11280SoniaPondW Cat 3W Cat 347:06.5EDINAF
 22245AnnaLuckowW Cat 3W Cat 348:58.6MINNEAPOLISF
 33384ErinAyalaW Cat 3W Cat 350:51.8BROOKLYN PARKF
 44385EleanorThermansenW Cat 3W Cat 351:35.5MINNEAPOLISF
ClassName: W Cat 3 4
 11350LisaLendwayW Cat 3 4W Cat 3 445:29.2SAINT PAULF
 22277RachelOlzerW Cat 3 4W Cat 3 446:38.1MINNEAPOLISF
ClassName: W Cat 4 5
 11231CarolineGagneW Cat 4 5W Cat 4 536:38.6WAYZATAF
 22239AudreyKoppW Cat 4 5W Cat 4 538:09.8LAKE ELMOF
 33291SaraSmithW Cat 4 5W Cat 4 538:37.1MINNEAPOLISF
 54478BeckyPhelpsW Cat 4 5W Cat 4 541:45.3 F
 65392KadenceHamptonW Cat 4 5W Cat 4 542:29.9MINNEAPOLISF
 76295NikkiSudberryW Cat 4 5W Cat 4 536:44.3EDINAF
 87214NoelleAndrychowiczW Cat 4 5W Cat 4 537:26.4BLAINEF
 98393MaggiePetersonW Cat 4 5W Cat 4 540:07.2MINNEAPOLISF
 109380MichelleJordanW Cat 4 5W Cat 4 543:52.3 F
 99910277RachelOlzerW Cat 4 5W Cat 4 523:17.7MINNEAPOLISF
ClassName: W SingleSpd
 11347JenniferNowlinW SingleSpdW SingleSpd42:40.5PLYMOUTHF
 22298JennaWestlakeW SingleSpdW SingleSpd43:11.5FARMINGTONF
 33344LeePennW SingleSpdW SingleSpd43:42.3MINNEAPOLISF
 44246AnnaMatthewsW SingleSpdW SingleSpd41:39.8MINNEAPOLISF
Lap Times (if available)

Bib Name1234567891011
Race1-216 Joel Beach06:1506:1206:2006:1806:22      
Race1-217 Jason Beck06:1106:1906:3206:0506:16      
Race1-218 Jacob Beissel05:4305:4105:4005:4906:01      
Race1-219 Henry Braun05:5905:5405:5905:5305:47      
Race1-221 Jake Campbell05:3305:3305:3405:4505:49      
Race1-222 Andrew Crane05:4805:4905:4905:4605:43      
Race1-229 Ryan Fahrmann06:2206:2606:2406:29       
Race1-233 Bennett Goiffon06:2506:2706:2906:49       
Race1-237 Anthony Mika06:1005:5505:5106:0005:53      
Race1-240 Brian Kozicki05:5505:5205:4605:4605:40      
Race1-243 Matt Leizinger05:4406:0005:5505:4705:51      
Race1-244 Levi Lowell05:2405:3005:3805:2905:31      
Race1-246 Anna Matthews08:1308:2008:34        
Race1-247 Nicholas Nelson05:5005:5205:5005:5005:47      
Race1-277 Rachel Olzer07:1007:2507:2107:34       
Race1-282 Charles Puttonen06:1006:1106:4406:32       
Race1-286 Joseph Reeves06:0305:5506:1206:0305:57      
Race1-287 Chris Russo06:0605:5306:0006:0305:48      
Race1-298 Jenna Westlake06:0906:1106:0306:1206:10      
Race1-332 Eric Pirins05:5805:5906:0706:0805:50      
Race1-333 Micah Turman05:5905:4805:5805:5005:56      
Race1-334 Kevin Supple05:5406:0906:3506:2306:36      
Race1-335 Chris Van Ert06:0305:5605:5706:0205:53      
Race1-336 Brian Sprague05:4005:4205:4505:4705:51      
Race1-337 Owen Eerdmans06:0206:0506:1206:2106:16      
Race1-339 Ted Clausen06:2706:1006:1606:20       
Race1-341 Joshua Schneider06:4306:5006:5706:26       
Race1-342 Chris Petersen06:0706:1406:1906:1006:21      
Race1-343 Aaron Collins06:0805:5405:5805:5505:53      
Race1-344 Lee Penn06:1306:1206:1706:2006:19      
Race1-345 Nick Boulton05:5705:5606:0706:0305:59      
Race1-346 Jared Gazda06:2006:1706:1806:1406:24      
Race1-347 Jennifer Nowlin06:0006:0406:0306:0606:10      
Race1-350 Lisa Lendway06:4607:0407:1207:17       
Race1-353 Morrison Smith07:3107:0607:1407:10       
Race1-354 William Dick06:2706:4406:3706:40       
Race1-87 Keir Stiegler05:2505:1805:2505:2705:32      
Race1-88 Michael Phernetton05:4605:4105:4605:4005:42      
Race2-338 Zac Oldroyd06:3606:4108:2606:56       
Race2-340 Roczen Beissel09:0710:1510:04        
Race2-348 Evan Nowlin06:2606:4006:4507:02       
Race2-349 Nigel Nowlin06:1306:3506:3406:35       
Race2-351 Gerik Nowlin08:1508:4808:58        
Race2-352 Ethan Varcoe13:3612:14         
Race3-213 Markus Anderson05:3505:3805:5705:4905:4805:5005:5306:0406:0305:4006:31
Race3-218 Jacob Beissel05:4905:4905:4605:4605:5305:5606:0606:0506:0806:16 
Race3-225 Brian Koeneman05:4305:3105:3105:3505:3705:3905:3805:4005:4105:4605:46
Race3-230 Dustin Gaffke05:2405:2205:2805:2605:3405:3005:3105:3405:3305:3105:58
Race3-232 John Glynn05:1905:1405:1805:2305:2205:2405:3906:1505:1405:2205:17
Race3-235 John Heinlein III05:1705:0305:1005:1408:2705:2405:2505:3606:0306:0405:56
Race3-249 Peter Olejniczak05:1705:0805:1705:1605:2005:1705:1605:2305:2505:2205:22
Race3-287 Chris Russo06:0205:5706:0106:0406:0006:1505:5706:1006:0305:57 
Race3-339 Ted Clausen06:1106:1606:1906:0906:2406:1006:2106:2006:1607:19 
Race3-355 Kevin Thum05:3705:2405:2705:2705:2705:2205:3005:3405:3205:2605:29
Race3-356 Aaron Koehler06:1206:1806:1906:1806:4006:4006:4606:4506:49  
Race3-357 Tim Norrie05:3305:2605:2805:2605:2605:2505:2805:3805:2705:2605:50
Race3-358 Ben Hey05:1805:1305:1705:2005:2205:2005:2005:2105:2405:2605:28
Race3-359 Tim Staloch05:4305:4806:0105:5405:5805:5805:5705:3905:3806:01 
Race3-378 Jon Friedell05:4605:5105:5905:5706:0206:0206:0106:0006:0206:00 
Race3-379 Mark Mlinar06:1206:0006:0205:5605:5406:0106:0105:5606:0105:57 
Race3-382 Brian Rogers05:3705:3705:4705:5505:5006:0405:5405:5505:5005:4605:57
Race4-1004 Mark Overgaard06:3406:1606:2206:4306:4706:3406:37    
Race4-1016 Chris Petersen06:2305:5606:0305:5506:1106:0406:1206:05   
Race4-1026 Arik Jon Holm05:2305:2805:2905:3205:3405:2705:2505:37   
Race4-222 Andrew Crane06:2405:5805:5705:4805:5506:0805:5705:58   
Race4-223 Marcel Derosier06:3506:5906:5006:4706:3806:4306:42    
Race4-224 Monte Dirks05:3505:2405:2905:3805:3205:3605:3505:37   
Race4-226 Ladric D'Schommer-Grant05:3905:3905:4305:3805:4005:4205:4405:47   
Race4-227 Erik Engness06:1506:1206:1306:1106:1306:0306:0706:08   
Race4-236 Dave Henry06:3606:3506:2406:3006:3306:3306:42    
Race4-241 Wesley Kuhnley05:3205:2905:3805:3805:3605:3905:3805:43   
Race4-242 Mike Ladendorf06:0905:5605:5505:5506:3205:5505:5905:55   
Race4-244 Levi Lowell05:3705:2505:2705:2005:2505:2705:2505:17   
Race4-245 Anna Luckow06:0806:0605:5706:0606:0606:1106:0706:15   
Race4-279 David Peterson05:3505:2605:2205:2205:2605:2905:2705:18   
Race4-280 Sonia Pond05:3805:5305:5405:5305:5305:5605:5905:59   
Race4-281 Bruce Porter05:5605:5105:5405:5305:5806:0506:0305:58   
Race4-289 Tom Segar06:2406:1706:2006:2206:2306:3006:19    
Race4-292 Marc Sontowski06:4106:5206:5307:3207:3107:0607:08    
Race4-298 Jenna Westlake05:5806:0506:0906:0906:0706:0305:5706:03   
Race4-339 Ted Clausen06:2406:1306:1006:0506:0806:3106:32    
Race4-381 Thomas Manderfeld05:4105:4005:4105:4305:4505:3905:4405:45   
Race4-383 Barry Tungseth05:3405:2705:2705:2105:2205:2905:2605:18   
Race4-384 Erin Ayala06:1206:1906:1306:2306:2906:2706:2506:20   
Race4-385 Eleanor Thermansen06:2706:2306:2306:2206:2106:3706:3106:28   
Race4-386 John Iltis05:5205:5005:4705:4905:4605:5305:4905:51   
Race4-387 Scott Devillers05:5906:0106:0206:0406:0606:0205:5405:57   
Race4-388 Daven Kokkila05:5005:4605:5905:5005:4805:5905:5806:02   
Race4-389 Tracy Paradise06:3106:0406:0106:0606:1306:0906:0406:08   
Race4-390 Ed Alpasa05:3705:4605:3805:3005:2805:3005:3505:40   
Race4-391 Jeff Curtes05:3705:4105:4205:4405:4705:4705:4605:45   
Race4-394 Mikael Ellingson06:0105:3705:4005:3805:4105:4105:4705:53   
Race4-395 Chris Sur06:2906:1906:2206:2406:2506:4706:23    
Race4-396 Michel Dalal05:3105:3205:3305:4405:4005:4805:4505:46   
Race4-397 Dave Fetters05:2805:3005:3105:2705:3405:3705:3605:37   
Race4-398 Todd Heiser05:4305:5005:5605:4606:0205:5605:5306:00   
Race4-399 Timothy Budge06:1606:0106:0305:5306:0106:0405:5805:55   
Race4-594 Joel Benton06:0906:1106:1606:3906:3106:2306:20    
Race5-214 Noelle Andrychowicz07:2607:2207:1707:2707:50      
Race5-220 Lisa Britton           
Race5-231 Caroline Gagne05:5806:0506:0306:0306:0906:19     
Race5-239 Audrey Kopp06:1906:1706:2806:2006:2406:20     
Race5-277 Rachel Olzer07:1607:3108:29        
Race5-291 Sara Smith06:2406:3106:3006:3706:2106:13     
Race5-295 Nikki Sudberry07:2707:2007:1107:2207:21      
Race5-380 Michelle Jordan08:0208:4409:0009:0209:01      
Race5-384 Erin Ayala06:2706:2006:2606:3306:3106:30     
Race5-392 Kadence Hampton07:0607:0507:0706:5707:0507:08     
Race5-393 Maggie Peterson08:0208:0608:0607:5607:55      
Race5-478 Becky Phelps07:0306:2606:2806:4207:5507:09     
Race6-215 Daniel Ayala05:2805:3105:4205:4305:53      
Race6-216 Joel Beach06:0305:5906:0706:0706:05      
Race6-219 Henry Braun06:0605:5805:4705:4805:41      
Race6-221 Jake Campbell05:3905:2105:2305:2705:23      
Race6-233 Bennett Goiffon06:3706:3106:3106:3506:40      
Race6-234 Theodore Halvorson06:2506:3006:3406:3206:34      
Race6-238 Daniel Johnson06:0506:2006:3006:3106:30      
Race6-242 Mike Ladendorf05:5006:0005:5906:0705:54      
Race6-278 Tim Peissig07:5106:3406:3606:53       
Race6-284 Aaron Ray05:2405:2905:2405:3105:21      
Race6-285 Evan Ray05:3805:5806:0006:0005:52      
Race6-288 Jared Sedlacek06:4506:1906:2706:3906:24      
Race6-289 Tom Segar06:0706:0906:1206:3906:24      
Race6-290 Devin Smith06:3506:2406:2806:3206:09      
Race6-292 Marc Sontowski06:4506:5206:5806:51       
Race6-299 Carl Willkom06:0206:0706:1106:0206:11      
Race6-400 Eric Lehmann06:3406:1906:1806:1706:12      
Race6-479 Matthew Kassner06:3506:2307:2606:47       
Race6-480 Elliot Krizek06:3306:2406:3006:2706:18      
Race6-481 Brian Ekart06:5607:0206:4306:41       
Race6-482 John Duffey06:1006:0206:0406:1606:10      
Race6-483 Koen Prenzlow06:1206:1206:1506:1706:21      
Race6-484 David Winecoff05:4505:5805:5206:0506:06      
Race6-485 Daniel Craig06:1406:0306:0005:4905:53      
Race6-486 Tim Williams06:2306:3106:5106:3806:32      
Race6-487 Papito Gregorio05:2505:4405:5006:0006:02      
Race6-488 John Fenske06:2106:2406:2406:2906:26      
Race6-594 Joel Benton05:5005:4805:5606:1306:00      

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