Individual Results for 2018 Green Acres CX - Day 1

Race Details
Race Type Cycling
Race Date 10/13/2018 10:00:00 AM
Race Location Green Acres, Lake Elmo, MN
Race Description Back again.
Day 1 of Green Acres.
Keep/Use your bib from Saturday for Sunday
Bibs will be on the for Sunday

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FieldPosPICBib #First NameLast NameTeamClassTotal Time
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685971340 W Cat 4 5 and Athena11288TracyParadise W Cat 4 532:47.3 VICTORIA
685981340 W Cat 4 5 and Athena22166BeckyPhelpsLoon State CyclistsW Cat 4 534:55.6 MPLS
685991340 W Cat 4 5 and Athena3110ErinAyalaLoon State CyclistsW Athena36:04.3 BROOKLYN PARK
686001340 W Cat 4 5 and Athena43225LaurenWeigelNorth Iowa SpinW Cat 4 536:17.9 ROCHESTER
686011340 W Cat 4 5 and Athena54196SaraSmithFulton RacingW Cat 4 536:34.7 MINNEAPOLIS
686021340 W Cat 4 5 and Athena65186JessicaSantiagoLoon State CyclistsW Cat 4 537:14.2 BURNSVILLE
686031340 W Cat 4 5 and Athena76226RaganWeigelNorth Iowa SpinW Cat 4 537:14.4 ROCHESTER
686041340 W Cat 4 5 and Athena8785KadenceHamptonAll-CityW Cat 4 538:16.4 MINNEAPOLIS
686051340 W Cat 4 5 and Athena98100AndreaIngles W Cat 4 538:37.7 SAINT PAUL
686061340 W Cat 4 5 and Athena10986LeahHanusKoochellaW Cat 4 538:48.1 SAINT PAUL
686071340 W Cat 4 5 and Athena1110203NikkiSudberry W Cat 4 538:59.6 EDINA
686081340 W Cat 4 5 and Athena1211187OliviaSchisselNorth Iowa SpinW Cat 4 539:28.2 MASON CITY
686091340 W Cat 4 5 and Athena1312155JacquelinePalfyParallel 44 Racing P/b Sanford PowerW Cat 4 539:57.6 SIOUX FALLS
686101340 W Cat 4 5 and Athena141312CaelynBaileyNorth Iowa SpinW Cat 4 540:36.6 MASON CITY
686111340 W Cat 4 5 and Athena1514285SarahBonnevilleKoochellaW Cat 4 540:55.3 MINNEAPOLIS
686121340 W Cat 4 5 and Athena162283MaggiePetersonCorpse Whale RacingW Athena30:41.3 MINNEAPOLIS
686131340 W Cat 4 5 and Athena173127AggiLeinNorth Iowa SpinW Athena31:29.8 MASON CITY
686141340 W Cat 4 5 and Athena18156NoelleAndrychowicz W Cat 4 532:17.0 BLAINE
686151340 W Cat 4 5 and Athena191617RebeccaBastiaens W Cat 4 533:08.0 SCANDIA
686161340 W Cat 4 5 and Athena2017220AshleyVon EdgeKoochellaW Cat 4 533:08.8 MINNEAPOLIS
686171340 W Cat 4 5 and Athena2118138AnnaMatthewsFreewheel BikeW Cat 4 533:49.9 MINNEAPOLIS
686181340 W Cat 4 5 and Athena2219250SheilaPrior W Cat 4 534:57.9 PLYMOUTH
686191340 W Cat 4 5 and Athena99920153ClaireOlsenCentral Junior Cycling DevoW Cat 4 507:26.1 LEMARS
686201340 W Cat 4 5 and Athena999448BizDalke W Athena15:46.3 ST. PAUL
684441340Junior Boys11249ColinFreed Jr Boys 15 - 1828:21.6  
684451340Junior Boys2124BenBrandvoldHollywood CyclesJr Boys 13 - 1433:41.2 MINNEAPOLIS
684461340Junior Boys3282JamesHalversonMinnesota Junior Cycling Inc.Jr Boys 13 - 1435:02.6 NORTH BRANCH
684471340Junior Boys41157BraydenPearceNorth Iowa SpinJr Boys 9 - 1235:29.3 MASON CITY
684481340Junior Boys53107AidenJurek Jr Boys 13 - 1435:48.4 MINNEAPOLIS
684491340Junior Boys62247ZacharyBollomNorthstar DevelopmentJr Boys 15 - 1836:40.2 PLYMOUTH
684501340Junior Boys7363SamFabianNorth Iowa SpinJr Boys 15 - 1837:15.0 MASON CITY
684511340Junior Boys82263NigelNowlin Jr Boys 9 - 1237:34.5  
684521340Junior Boys9462PaulFabianNorth Iowa SpinJr Boys 13 - 1438:18.9 MASON CITY
684531340Junior Boys1048KieranAus Jr Boys 15 - 1838:32.1 SAINT PAUL
684541340Junior Boys115265EvanNowlin Jr Boys 13 - 1428:26.4  
684551340Junior Boys123363CarsonPeterson Jr Boys 9 - 1228:41.0  
684561340Junior Boys13442IsaiahCollinsNorth Iowa SpinJr Boys 9 - 1230:35.1 BRITT
684571340Junior Boys145256CharlesMeyer Jr Boys 9 - 1230:47.3  
684581340Junior Boys156130AyedenLeinNorth Iowa SpinJr Boys 9 - 1231:16.0 MASON CITY
684591340Junior Boys16727EthanBrown Jr Boys 9 - 1234:36.6 CHAMPLIN
684601340Junior Boys178129AxsylLeinNorth Iowa SpinJr Boys 9 - 1234:55.3 MASON CITY
684611340Junior Boys189264GerikNowlin Jr Boys 9 - 1235:19.3  
684621340Junior Boys1910244EthanVarcoe Jr Boys 9 - 1237:36.3  
684631340Junior Boys2011251RigelPrior Jr Boys 9 - 1239:26.8 PLYMOUTH
684641340Junior Boys2112258RoczenBeissel Jr Boys 9 - 1240:37.5  
684651340Junior Boys2213156EricPalsNorth Iowa SpinJr Boys 9 - 1243:20.3 MASON CITY
684661340Junior Boys2314255HarrisonMeyer Jr Boys 9 - 1243:36.2  
684671340Junior Boys2415110JackKlemondParallel 44 Racing P/b Sanford PowerJr Boys 9 - 1242:21.5 SIOUX FALLS
684681340Junior Girls11225LaurenWeigelNorth Iowa SpinJr Girls 13 - 1439:23.6 ROCHESTER
684691340Junior Girls22226RaganWeigelNorth Iowa SpinJr Girls 13 - 1428:48.4 ROCHESTER
Top 10 Finishers by Class

 PIFPICBibFirst NameLast NameFieldClassTimeCityGender
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ClassName: Fat Tire

 31235CharlesWolfM Cat 4 5 and Clydesdale and Fat TireFat Tire28:53.6SAINT PETERM
 42113BradKoppM Cat 4 5 and Clydesdale and Fat TireFat Tire28:57.9LAKE ELMOM
 11318JasonBeckM Cat 4 5 and Clydesdale and Fat TireFat Tire30:58.1MINNEAPOLISM
 124197TimStalochM Cat 4 5 and Clydesdale and Fat TireFat Tire31:16.6WATERTOWNM
 2355MarkusAndersonM Cat 4 5 and Clydesdale and Fat TireFat Tire33:42.6MINNEAPOLISM
 246662ScottSwensonM Cat 4 5 and Clydesdale and Fat TireFat Tire33:48.1SAINT LOUIS PARKM
 277658JoshuaSchneiderM Cat 4 5 and Clydesdale and Fat TireFat Tire34:00.5MINNEAPOLISM
 298698MatthewApplemanM Cat 4 5 and Clydesdale and Fat TireFat Tire34:13.0MINNEAPOLISM
 329661ChipBernididM Cat 4 5 and Clydesdale and Fat TireFat Tire34:26.7 M
 3310221DavidVon EdgeM Cat 4 5 and Clydesdale and Fat TireFat Tire34:39.4MINNEAPOLISM

ClassName: Jr Boys 13 - 14

 2124BenBrandvoldJunior BoysJr Boys 13 - 1433:41.2MINNEAPOLISM
 3282JamesHalversonJunior BoysJr Boys 13 - 1435:02.6NORTH BRANCHM
 53107AidenJurekJunior BoysJr Boys 13 - 1435:48.4MINNEAPOLISM
 9462PaulFabianJunior BoysJr Boys 13 - 1438:18.9MASON CITYM
 115265EvanNowlinJunior BoysJr Boys 13 - 1428:26.4 M

ClassName: Jr Boys 15 - 18

 11249ColinFreedJunior BoysJr Boys 15 - 1828:21.6 M
 62247ZacharyBollomJunior BoysJr Boys 15 - 1836:40.2PLYMOUTHM
 7363SamFabianJunior BoysJr Boys 15 - 1837:15.0MASON CITYM
 1048KieranAusJunior BoysJr Boys 15 - 1838:32.1SAINT PAULM

ClassName: Jr Boys 9 - 12

 41157BraydenPearceJunior BoysJr Boys 9 - 1235:29.3MASON CITYM
 82263NigelNowlinJunior BoysJr Boys 9 - 1237:34.5 M
 123363CarsonPetersonJunior BoysJr Boys 9 - 1228:41.0 M
 13442IsaiahCollinsJunior BoysJr Boys 9 - 1230:35.1BRITTM
 145256CharlesMeyerJunior BoysJr Boys 9 - 1230:47.3 M
 156130AyedenLeinJunior BoysJr Boys 9 - 1231:16.0MASON CITYM
 16727EthanBrownJunior BoysJr Boys 9 - 1234:36.6CHAMPLINM
 178129AxsylLeinJunior BoysJr Boys 9 - 1234:55.3MASON CITYM
 189264GerikNowlinJunior BoysJr Boys 9 - 1235:19.3 M
 1910244EthanVarcoeJunior BoysJr Boys 9 - 1237:36.3 M

ClassName: Jr Girls 13 - 14

 11225LaurenWeigelJunior GirlsJr Girls 13 - 1439:23.6ROCHESTERF
 22226RaganWeigelJunior GirlsJr Girls 13 - 1428:48.4ROCHESTERF
 3379AubriGravenJunior GirlsJr Girls 13 - 1430:46.5MASON CITYF
 4441AmeliaCollinsJunior GirlsJr Girls 13 - 1431:54.1BRITTF

ClassName: Jr Girls 9 - 12

 51252OrlaPriorJunior GirlsJr Girls 9 - 1233:16.4PLYMOUTHF
 62101MayaInglesJunior GirlsJr Girls 9 - 1241:35.0SAINT PAULF
 73153AutumnOlsenJunior GirlsJr Girls 9 - 1247:30.8LE MARSF
 84109GeneviveKlemondJunior GirlsJr Girls 9 - 1226:43.0SIOUX FALLSF

ClassName: M Cat 1 2

 11209DominicTalericoM Cat 1 2 and M Cat 3 and Master 35+M Cat 1 20:55:14.5SAINT PAULM
 2276NickGordonM Cat 1 2 and M Cat 3 and Master 35+M Cat 1 20:55:47.4CHANHASSENM
 3340JamesCochranM Cat 1 2 and M Cat 3 and Master 35+M Cat 1 20:56:26.3IOWA CITYM
 44150PeterOlejniczakM Cat 1 2 and M Cat 3 and Master 35+M Cat 1 20:56:46.5MINNEAPOLISM
 55182JesseRientsM Cat 1 2 and M Cat 3 and Master 35+M Cat 1 20:57:15.4SHAKOPEEM
 661CraigFaulknerM Cat 1 2 and M Cat 3 and Master 35+M Cat 1 20:58:11.7MENDOTA HEIGHTSM
 11722PaulBondsM Cat 1 2 and M Cat 3 and Master 35+M Cat 1 20:59:46.7DELEONM
 148199TylerSteinM Cat 1 2 and M Cat 3 and Master 35+M Cat 1 21:00:37.7BLOOMINGTONM
 20977LoganGraceM Cat 1 2 and M Cat 3 and Master 35+M Cat 1 21:01:19.5CHAMPLINM
 29103MatthewAllenM Cat 1 2 and M Cat 3 and Master 35+M Cat 1 20:55:58.1MINNEAPOLISM

ClassName: M Cat 3

 7125JackBrandvoldM Cat 1 2 and M Cat 3 and Master 35+M Cat 30:58:32.7MINNEAPOLISM
 9266LukeFeuerhelmM Cat 1 2 and M Cat 3 and Master 35+M Cat 30:59:28.1MERRILLM
 12391AnthonyHilligossM Cat 1 2 and M Cat 3 and Master 35+M Cat 31:00:07.3EDEN PRAIRIEM
 16433JakeCampbellM Cat 1 2 and M Cat 3 and Master 35+M Cat 31:00:57.4MINNEAPOLISM
 175266MattChristiansenM Cat 1 2 and M Cat 3 and Master 35+M Cat 31:01:00.1ROCHESTERM
 216261SatchellMische RichterM Cat 1 2 and M Cat 3 and Master 35+M Cat 31:01:57.8MINNEAPOLISM
 227259LukeSkovM Cat 1 2 and M Cat 3 and Master 35+M Cat 31:02:11.9LE MARSM
 26869DustinGaffkeM Cat 1 2 and M Cat 3 and Master 35+M Cat 30:54:50.7OWATONNAM
 27913ColtonBaileyM Cat 1 2 and M Cat 3 and Master 35+M Cat 30:55:33.3MASON CITYM
 2810151DakotaOlsenM Cat 1 2 and M Cat 3 and Master 35+M Cat 30:55:45.1LE MARSM

ClassName: M Cat 3 4

 11165EthanPetersonM Cat 3 4 and M Cat 3 4 Mast 35M Cat 3 438:17.4MINNEAPOLISM
 2234JackCarterM Cat 3 4 and M Cat 3 4 Mast 35M Cat 3 438:34.2MINNEAPOLISM
 33200KeirStieglerM Cat 3 4 and M Cat 3 4 Mast 35M Cat 3 438:34.3SAINT LOUIS PARKM
 44133LeviLowellM Cat 3 4 and M Cat 3 4 Mast 35M Cat 3 439:01.7RICHFIELDM
 557EthanArmbrusterM Cat 3 4 and M Cat 3 4 Mast 35M Cat 3 439:20.1MINNEAPOLISM
 66235CharlesWolfM Cat 3 4 and M Cat 3 4 Mast 35M Cat 3 439:21.9SAINT PETERM
 7761MitchellEricksonM Cat 3 4 and M Cat 3 4 Mast 35M Cat 3 439:29.0MINNEAPOLISM
 9857DanielEckersonM Cat 3 4 and M Cat 3 4 Mast 35M Cat 3 440:10.5LAKEVILLEM
 10930JoeBurbachM Cat 3 4 and M Cat 3 4 Mast 35M Cat 3 440:17.6HUDSONM
 1110236NickZawadskiM Cat 3 4 and M Cat 3 4 Mast 35M Cat 3 440:30.2SAINT PAULM

ClassName: M Cat 3 4 Mast 35+

 81175KenRaicheM Cat 3 4 and M Cat 3 4 Mast 35M Cat 3 4 Mast 35+39:57.6BURNSVILLEM
 122201RenStinsonM Cat 3 4 and M Cat 3 4 Mast 35M Cat 3 4 Mast 35+40:33.4MINNEAPOLISM
 133167MichaelPhernettonM Cat 3 4 and M Cat 3 4 Mast 35M Cat 3 4 Mast 35+40:33.5HUDSONM
 16419JacobBeisselM Cat 3 4 and M Cat 3 4 Mast 35M Cat 3 4 Mast 35+40:46.5HASTINGSM
 185131MattLeizingerM Cat 3 4 and M Cat 3 4 Mast 35M Cat 3 4 Mast 35+40:53.8RICHFIELDM
 206242DanielWheelerM Cat 3 4 and M Cat 3 4 Mast 35M Cat 3 4 Mast 35+41:05.6ST. PAULM
 247124RyanLarsonM Cat 3 4 and M Cat 3 4 Mast 35M Cat 3 4 Mast 35+41:56.3MINNEAPOLISM
 268185ChrisRussoM Cat 3 4 and M Cat 3 4 Mast 35M Cat 3 4 Mast 35+42:07.9EAGANM
 27996AndrewHudacekM Cat 3 4 and M Cat 3 4 Mast 35M Cat 3 4 Mast 35+42:07.9COTTAGE GROVEM
 291067JonFriedellM Cat 3 4 and M Cat 3 4 Mast 35M Cat 3 4 Mast 35+42:29.4MINNETONKAM

ClassName: M Cat 4 5

 11136SteveMarshallM Cat 4 5 and Clydesdale and Fat TireM Cat 4 527:55.5WAYZATAM
 22189ZachSchumanM Cat 4 5 and Clydesdale and Fat TireM Cat 4 528:49.6HOPKINSM
 53295MylesBrownM Cat 4 5 and Clydesdale and Fat TireM Cat 4 529:14.3NORTHFIELDM
 649DanielAyalaM Cat 4 5 and Clydesdale and Fat TireM Cat 4 529:18.5BROOKLYN PARKM
 7596AndrewHudacekM Cat 4 5 and Clydesdale and Fat TireM Cat 4 529:33.1COTTAGE GROVEM
 86663DrakeHarringtonM Cat 4 5 and Clydesdale and Fat TireM Cat 4 529:42.3MINNEAPOLISM
 97125CharlieLavinM Cat 4 5 and Clydesdale and Fat TireM Cat 4 530:34.3MILWAUKEEM
 108179EvanRayM Cat 4 5 and Clydesdale and Fat TireM Cat 4 530:58.1MINNEAPOLISM
 139180AndrewReinerM Cat 4 5 and Clydesdale and Fat TireM Cat 4 531:33.8SAINT LOUIS PARKM
 1410262KyleLenglingM Cat 4 5 and Clydesdale and Fat TireM Cat 4 531:55.7MINNEAPOLISM

ClassName: M Clydesdale

 45183TheodoreHalvorsonM Cat 4 5 and Clydesdale and Fat TireM Clydesdale36:21.4MINNEAPOLISM
 482297BrianHeadleeM Cat 4 5 and Clydesdale and Fat TireM Clydesdale37:22.1NEW RICHMONDM
 533237NateZumachM Cat 4 5 and Clydesdale and Fat TireM Clydesdale39:13.7WEST SAINT PAULM
 544173ChristopherPreussnerM Cat 4 5 and Clydesdale and Fat TireM Clydesdale29:00.1HASTINGSM
 565294AndrewTubesingM Cat 4 5 and Clydesdale and Fat TireM Clydesdale29:46.1SAINT PAULM
 596139MichaelMcDonaldM Cat 4 5 and Clydesdale and Fat TireM Clydesdale30:21.3MINNEAPOLISM
 647298MichaelGreenM Cat 4 5 and Clydesdale and Fat TireM Clydesdale31:58.9 M
 999820JoelBentonM Cat 4 5 and Clydesdale and Fat TireM Clydesdale14:33.7MINNEAPOLISM

ClassName: M SingleSpd (Showing 5 of 10 items. Group continues on the next page.)

 11142FredMillsM SingleSpdM SingleSpd45:28.7PORTLANDM
 2232MarcusBushM SingleSpdM SingleSpd45:45.4MINNEAPOILISM
 33215AndrewTurnerM SingleSpdM SingleSpd46:31.2COTTAGE GROVEM
 44277MikaelEllingsonM SingleSpdM SingleSpd48:43.2HOPKINSM
 5590RobertHestM SingleSpdM SingleSpd49:24.1MINNEAPOLISM
Lap Times (if available)

Bib Name12345678
Race1-102 Paul Inkala04:5209:0409:0809:1209:16   
Race1-105 Keith Johnson04:5909:0709:1209:2109:09   
Race1-113 Brad Kopp04:3308:4708:3008:3908:24   
Race1-114 Brian Kozicki04:5609:0609:0708:5609:20   
Race1-121 Anthony Lane04:4808:3608:3308:3808:38   
Race1-124 Ryan Larson04:3508:4508:5308:5708:53   
Race1-128 Andrew Lein04:5308:5108:5408:5008:36   
Race1-131 Matt Leizinger04:3208:3208:3408:4808:36   
Race1-132 Lisa Lendway05:5011:1913:1211:54    
Race1-133 Levi Lowell04:0708:0608:0408:4208:13   
Race1-135 Alexandra Magner05:3510:3310:3710:48    
Race1-140 Colette Meller05:3110:57      
Race1-145 Nicholas Nelson04:3109:1109:0708:5608:48   
Race1-16 Alexander Barrette04:3808:2108:3108:5908:38   
Race1-162 David Peterson05:0108:4908:5409:0309:06   
Race1-165 Ethan Peterson04:0708:0308:0308:0708:05   
Race1-167 Michael Phernetton04:3008:3308:3508:3308:31   
Race1-175 Ken Raiche04:2108:2808:2308:2708:27   
Race1-176 Adam Rambow05:0509:5509:5409:5110:07   
Race1-177 Meredith Rambow04:5709:5410:1110:2911:14   
Race1-18 Jason Beck04:5208:2708:2608:4008:29   
Race1-185 Chris Russo04:5508:3908:4609:1208:42   
Race1-19 Jacob Beissel04:2208:3008:4608:4908:29   
Race1-193 Max Severson05:0008:4808:4408:4608:42   
Race1-200 Keir Stiegler04:0708:0208:0908:1908:07   
Race1-201 Ren Stinson04:4108:3308:3108:4208:14   
Race1-213 Brandon Trigger04:4909:1209:3409:3809:26   
Race1-214 Micah Turman04:5909:0208:4909:0509:10   
Race1-218 Chris Van Ert04:5709:0609:0208:5208:55   
Race1-23 Nick Boulton04:5409:0709:2609:3209:23   
Race1-233 Carl Willkom05:1309:2809:3809:3509:24   
Race1-234 Noah Wilson04:5609:0908:5211:16    
Race1-235 Charles Wolf04:2808:2308:1808:1608:04   
Race1-236 Nick Zawadski04:3008:4408:3208:2408:30   
Race1-238 Owen Eerdmans04:5909:1309:2709:5309:21   
Race1-239 Eric Pirius04:5009:3109:5409:4209:23   
Race1-240 Aaron Collins04:3809:1209:1609:3109:26   
Race1-241 Max Renner04:5308:4608:3308:2108:22   
Race1-242 Daniel Wheeler04:4208:3108:3308:4108:46   
Race1-243 Anthony Mika04:3808:5909:0109:1711:50   
Race1-245 Allan Varcoe05:3011:2912:1812:02    
Race1-30 Joe Burbach04:1508:3208:3408:3408:32   
Race1-34 Jack Carter04:1508:0908:1208:1207:54   
Race1-35 Alonzo Christensen04:4908:2708:4108:5608:54   
Race1-36 Michael Christensen05:2410:4510:4710:44    
Race1-38 Ted Clausen05:2310:5411:0410:07    
Race1-46 Benjamin Cox04:4908:4909:0209:1009:29   
Race1-52 Marcel Derosier05:1710:2010:2110:2010:55   
Race1-54 Brendan Dolan05:0109:1109:3709:2809:26   
Race1-57 Daniel Eckerson04:5108:3308:2508:1508:14   
Race1-59 Erik Engness05:1709:5710:0010:0910:23   
Race1-61 Mitchell Erickson04:4008:2208:3008:0807:56   
Race1-64 Nicole Falk05:3210:2210:2110:20    
Race1-67 Jon Friedell04:4109:0409:0009:0008:53   
Race1-7 Ethan Armbruster04:2208:2408:2008:1508:07   
Race1-70 Caroline Gagne05:0809:2509:3509:3709:46   
Race1-72 Calder Glowac04:3408:1508:12     
Race1-81 David Haaland05:0609:3009:4209:5009:57   
Race1-94 Renee Hoffmann05:2611:1111:0110:58    
Race1-96 Andrew Hudacek04:3608:4708:5309:0808:52   
Race1-97 Veronica Hudacek05:0709:3109:5909:4410:13   
Race2-101 Maya Ingles10:1015:0915:09     
Race2-107 Aiden Jurek05:1209:5410:1010:26    
Race2-109 Genevive Klemond25:0001:25      
Race2-110 Jack Klemond11:2930:38      
Race2-129 Axsyl Lein07:1513:0314:29     
Race2-130 Ayeden Lein06:4412:0012:21     
Race2-153 Autumn Olsen09:3917:36      
Race2-156 Eric Pals09:2817:4415:34     
Race2-157 Brayden Pearce05:2209:4309:5910:18    
Race2-225 Lauren Weigel05:4711:0711:1211:13    
Race2-226 Ragan Weigel05:5411:2411:26     
Race2-24 Ben Brandvold04:5009:1409:3609:56    
Race2-247 Zachary Bollom04:5110:1110:1711:17    
Race2-249 Colin Freed04:1207:5308:0308:10    
Race2-251 Rigel Prior07:1515:0716:56     
Race2-252 Orla Prior06:4812:4013:42     
Race2-255 Harrison Meyer08:2416:1918:40     
Race2-256 Charles Meyer06:0912:2112:12     
Race2-258 Roczen Beissel08:0315:5816:26     
Race2-263 Nigel Nowlin05:1410:1510:3811:22    
Race2-264 Gerik Nowlin07:1613:4214:14     
Race2-265 Evan Nowlin05:5711:0911:15     
Race2-27 Ethan Brown06:4212:4815:01     
Race2-363 Carson Peterson06:1211:0711:11     
Race2-41 Amelia Collins06:1212:1713:17     
Race2-42 Isaiah Collins06:1011:4712:27     
Race2-62 Paul Fabian05:1510:2611:1211:21    
Race2-63 Sam Fabian05:3210:1010:2411:04    
Race2-79 Aubri Graven06:4411:5012:01     
Race2-8 Kieran Aus05:2010:1611:3411:12    
Race2-82 James Halverson04:5209:2909:4210:56    
Race3-1 Craig Faulkner04:0307:4507:3807:3307:2807:4707:5008:02
Race3-117 Paul Krumrich04:3307:5607:5808:1408:3208:3408:3208:50
Race3-13 Colton Bailey04:3408:0708:1108:2208:4708:4508:41 
Race3-141 Andrew Messer03:5907:3607:3707:4412:31   
Race3-147 Daniel Novak04:5508:1308:2408:3908:3308:4608:47 
Race3-150 Peter Olejniczak03:5807:2207:4007:3607:2907:3107:3107:35
Race3-151 Dakota Olsen04:2208:0308:2408:2108:2109:1708:52 
Race3-159 Dominic Howes        
Race3-168 Corey Philips04:4308:4309:0209:0409:2309:1608:51 
Race3-169 Kenneth Pike04:2508:3309:0408:4608:4308:5608:59 
Race3-178 Aaron Ray04:3307:5107:5908:1809:0508:2108:1508:27
Race3-182 Jesse Rients04:1507:2807:2907:2507:2707:3207:3807:56
Race3-183 Brian Rogers04:4508:2908:2908:2808:3208:3808:37 
Race3-184 Justin Rumley04:4008:0708:0708:0708:1108:2508:2408:25
Race3-199 Tyler Stein04:3408:0007:5607:5807:5808:0908:0207:55
Race3-2 Andrew Aaron04:4008:2008:4608:5609:1309:3109:08 
Race3-209 Dominic Talerico04:0107:1307:1507:0707:2007:1507:1607:11
Race3-211 Andrew Thompson04:1407:4507:4807:5808:0207:5808:1508:20
Race3-22 Paul Bonds03:5907:3207:5007:5308:1908:3807:4307:48
Race3-25 Jack Brandvold04:0107:3807:4707:4207:4008:0207:4707:51
Race3-254 Shawn Meyer05:49       
Race3-257 Caleb Donaldson04:3508:0908:0608:0008:0307:5808:0608:12
Race3-259 Luke Skov04:3008:0208:0808:2108:1808:1108:2208:14
Race3-261 Satchell Mische Richter04:1207:5808:1508:0308:1208:1408:3808:20
Race3-266 Matt Christiansen04:2107:5008:1008:1308:1108:0608:0507:55
Race3-267 Eddie Karow05:0509:4410:1810:4711:2011:14  
Race3-268 Tim Norrie04:3108:0408:0808:0108:0808:0108:0508:13
Race3-270 Ben Hey04:0107:4407:4707:5108:0508:0108:0507:59
Race3-3 Matthew Allen04:3008:3208:3108:0908:1908:2709:24 
Race3-31 Brody Burnham04:3508:2008:3708:5208:5208:4408:49 
Race3-33 Jake Campbell04:2907:5708:0608:1408:0508:0607:5507:58
Race3-38 Ted Clausen05:0510:3512:2212:0812:0211:33  
Race3-4 Benjamin Anderson04:1407:5308:0708:0608:1208:0508:0208:03
Race3-40 James Cochran04:0107:1907:1607:2107:2707:3107:3407:52
Race3-47 Kyle Crossett04:3709:1009:0309:0309:1309:1309:35 
Race3-5 Markus Anderson04:4609:0009:0409:4309:2409:5709:22 
Race3-66 Luke Feuerhelm04:0707:4007:4908:1307:5407:4907:5008:01
Race3-69 Dustin Gaffke04:2007:5508:1508:2608:3308:3708:38 
Race3-73 John Glynn04:2407:4507:3807:4107:5507:5307:5007:48
Race3-76 Nick Gordon03:5307:2007:1607:2007:2207:2207:3807:32
Race3-77 Logan Grace04:1507:4807:5608:2308:4308:0007:5408:15
Race3-80 Casey Griesemer04:1108:10      
Race3-84 Emile Hamm04:0307:2907:55     
Race3-88 John Heinlein III03:5307:2207:4108:0408:0308:23  
Race3-91 Anthony Hilligoss04:1107:4807:5207:5307:5907:5208:0508:21
Race4-10 Erin Ayala05:0509:4710:1510:2610:44   
Race4-1004 Mark Overgaard05:2210:3510:4510:4810:37   
Race4-1016 Chris Petersen04:3509:1009:2609:2709:31   
Race4-1040 Christopher Erickson04:3008:4808:5409:0209:2108:51  
Race4-111 Alex Knutson05:0809:3509:2709:2910:08   
Race4-112 Brian Koeneman04:1307:5007:5608:0108:0608:04  
Race4-118 Wesley Kuhnley04:1908:4610:0908:5808:5308:41  
Race4-119 Mike Ladendorf04:4208:4909:1209:1809:1909:37  
Race4-122 Thomas Lapinski04:4508:5309:2009:1808:5808:52  
Race4-123 Danielle Larson04:1908:3608:4308:5208:3908:32  
Race4-125 Charlie Lavin04:1908:5308:4508:5308:4608:41  
Race4-126 Mike Lebeau04:3208:4808:5509:0509:1709:01  
Race4-133 Levi Lowell04:1808:1908:2208:2908:3008:36  
Race4-134 Anna Luckow04:5309:0709:2009:2309:2609:25  
Race4-136 Steve Marshall04:2507:4807:4907:4407:5508:02  
Race4-137 Meghan Mason04:4109:1209:1509:2909:1109:43  
Race4-142 Fred Mills03:5807:4407:3307:2907:4007:39  
Race4-143 Matt Muyres04:1208:1608:2608:2508:1708:10  
Race4-148 Robert Ogren04:5108:5608:5509:2309:2209:17  
Race4-163 David Peterson04:0708:2108:2008:3108:3308:23  
Race4-171 Sonia Pond04:2408:2508:3508:4508:5709:00  
Race4-172 Bruce Porter04:4715:0008:3109:0110:06   
Race4-192 Carol Seipp04:2208:2208:2408:2008:2508:31  
Race4-198 Adam Staufenberg04:1308:3308:3008:4208:3708:26  
Race4-20 Joel Benton05:0937:45      
Race4-202 Chelsea Strate05:0809:3309:4209:3609:2109:09  
Race4-205 Robin Sund05:1311:0811:3112:0711:22   
Race4-206 Chris Sur05:0909:3009:4409:4609:48   
Race4-210 Eleanor Thermansen04:5309:0909:2409:5410:0909:59  
Race4-212 Charles Townsend04:3208:2508:3608:4709:0308:45  
Race4-215 Andrew Turner04:0907:4607:4307:4607:4707:54  
Race4-229 Jenna Westlake04:5409:3009:3609:3609:3309:18  
Race4-231 Kyle Williams04:3809:1810:0709:5909:50   
Race4-232 Robin Williams04:3408:2208:2508:2908:1908:37  
Race4-248 Jason Engle04:4909:3710:0009:5209:44   
Race4-253 Matthew Prior05:0610:2010:4810:5510:44   
Race4-26 Tim Brandvold04:1307:5007:5607:5308:0908:01  
Race4-260 Megan Barr04:1708:1008:0108:0308:1108:07  
Race4-269 Kristy Henderson05:0909:4809:46     
Race4-271 Mark Considine05:2410:0410:3011:0610:38   
Race4-272 William Kuster04:3808:2808:5208:5308:5508:55  
Race4-273 Thomas Manderfeld04:2908:2708:3708:3508:3608:36  
Race4-274 Carly Thomsen04:4409:0209:1109:2709:1709:20  
Race4-276 Marc Sontowski05:0610:0310:1310:5310:17   
Race4-277 Mikael Ellingson04:1808:1808:0808:0908:0908:14  
Race4-278 Mark Rathbun04:5309:1009:0609:0009:0909:03  
Race4-279 Risa Hustad04:3408:1008:2308:3208:3708:41  
Race4-28 James Buddenbaum04:2508:3208:4708:3908:4408:26  
Race4-280 Ed Alpasa04:2308:1408:2608:3008:1508:18  
Race4-281 Scott Devillers04:5309:1209:1509:3009:2609:18  
Race4-284 Michel Dalal04:2508:1308:3008:2508:3208:28  
Race4-286 Martin Andrusiak05:2810:1509:5909:5910:10   
Race4-287 Chris Iverson05:2009:4009:4109:4409:56   
Race4-288 Tracy Paradise05:0509:0209:0009:1209:2209:13  
Race4-289 Jonathan Sanders05:0909:1209:3409:4709:36   
Race4-29 Timothy Budge04:3708:5709:1409:3009:28   
Race4-290 Kevin Greimel05:0509:0709:1809:1009:28   
Race4-292 Jeffrey Evanson04:3308:3108:3608:4808:3908:31  
Race4-32 Marcus Bush03:5907:3907:3707:4107:4207:41  
Race4-37 Molly Clark-Oien04:3308:2508:2708:3408:3808:39  
Race4-38 Ted Clausen05:5111:1611:2411:3312:08   
Race4-420 Jay Henderson04:0507:4007:4307:4107:4407:49  
Race4-43 Corey Coogan Cisek04:1908:0608:0908:2508:2108:16  
Race4-45 Stephen Cottrell04:3108:1608:2108:2108:2308:16  
Race4-53 Monte Dirks04:2008:5308:5408:4908:4108:29  
Race4-55 Ladric D'Schommer-Grant04:2208:3108:1808:2608:2108:15  
Race4-59 Erik Engness04:5109:1509:0509:2409:33   
Race4-64 Nicole Falk05:1310:0110:0610:1310:15   
Race4-71 Chris Gibbs04:3408:2508:4108:4308:4308:36  
Race4-74 Gregory Goblirsch04:2208:2208:2308:2308:2308:17  
Race4-87 Charles Hayes05:5512:1512:0912:27    
Race4-90 Robert Hest04:1008:0908:2108:2608:2408:29  
Race4-92 Jeffrey Hilligoss04:4111:57      
Race4-95 Arik Jon Holm04:1308:1608:1208:0608:1308:16  
Race4-97 Veronica Hudacek05:0509:4309:4309:5509:5009:29  
Race4-99 John Iltis04:4608:2808:4408:3908:3108:23  
Race5-10 Erin Ayala05:5010:0910:0609:53    
Race5-100 Andrea Ingles05:5710:5110:5910:42    
Race5-12 Caelyn Bailey05:5211:4711:2911:23    
Race5-127 Aggi Lein06:3812:1012:35     
Race5-138 Anna Matthews06:5113:2413:25     
Race5-153 Claire Olsen07:18       
Race5-155 Jacqueline Palfy05:5210:5310:5612:12    
Race5-166 Becky Phelps05:1309:5809:5009:51    
Race5-17 Rebecca Bastiaens06:4613:1213:01     
Race5-186 Jessica Santiago05:5410:1710:4410:13    
Race5-187 Olivia Schissel05:5410:5510:5411:39    
Race5-196 Sara Smith05:1110:2710:3010:23    
Race5-203 Nikki Sudberry05:5610:4611:1410:57    
Race5-220 Ashley Von Edge06:1112:4913:59     
Race5-225 Lauren Weigel05:1409:5510:2910:33    
Race5-226 Ragan Weigel05:3610:1110:3910:43    
Race5-250 Sheila Prior06:5414:0813:46     
Race5-283 Maggie Peterson06:2611:4512:21     
Race5-285 Sarah Bonneville05:3610:5712:3911:39    
Race5-288 Tracy Paradise04:5109:0509:2409:21    
Race5-48 Biz Dalke15:35       
Race5-6 Noelle Andrychowicz07:0312:3012:34     
Race5-85 Kadence Hampton05:2710:4410:4411:16    
Race5-86 Leah Hanus05:4510:5311:1010:53    
Race6-111 Alex Knutson06:1109:3209:2609:32    
Race6-113 Brad Kopp04:2708:0608:1208:01    
Race6-116 Elliott Krizek05:2509:1709:5509:22    
Race6-120 Patrick Lalley04:4909:2109:2509:32    
Race6-125 Charlie Lavin04:2308:4208:4808:35    
Race6-136 Steve Marshall04:1607:4207:5607:56    
Race6-139 Michael McDonald06:2411:4312:01     
Race6-144 David Nagel05:5409:4909:5109:39    
Race6-152 Brian Olsen06:1711:4512:28     
Race6-157 Brayden Pearce05:0909:2009:2309:58    
Race6-158 Tim Peissig05:2710:1410:3510:16    
Race6-160 Matt Petersen05:5609:3009:3809:30    
Race6-161 Paul Petersen05:1609:2409:5409:34    
Race6-170 Jeremy Pomeroy05:1709:0109:1909:15    
Race6-173 Christopher Preussner06:1311:0511:28     
Race6-179 Evan Ray04:2608:4309:0008:42    
Race6-18 Jason Beck04:4708:4208:4108:37    
Race6-180 Andrew Reiner04:5308:4908:4608:58    
Race6-189 Zach Schuman04:0808:0108:1908:16    
Race6-190 Jared Sedlacek05:1909:0808:5609:19    
Race6-191 Tom Segar04:5110:0109:3709:22    
Race6-195 Devin Smith05:3809:4309:5809:43    
Race6-197 Tim Staloch04:5108:4208:5208:40    
Race6-20 Joel Benton04:5809:29      
Race6-204 Joshua Sullivan06:4211:2612:12     
Race6-219 Todd Volkmeier06:3311:1811:29     
Race6-221 David Von Edge05:2009:3609:4709:48    
Race6-223 Andrew Wagner05:1009:5410:1810:23    
Race6-235 Charles Wolf04:5408:0307:5407:49    
Race6-237 Nate Zumach05:2910:4311:1511:40    
Race6-246 Andrew Jacot05:3510:3311:0611:24    
Race6-262 Kyle Lengling04:2608:4809:2709:07    
Race6-282 Patrick Butler06:3213:3412:48     
Race6-287 Chris Iverson05:4009:4109:1909:25    
Race6-290 Kevin Greimel05:3609:1509:0909:06    
Race6-291 Alan Klein05:4909:3309:5009:36    
Race6-293 Joshua Weichsel05:5710:1209:5009:43    
Race6-294 Andrew Tubesing06:3711:1311:44     
Race6-295 Myles Brown04:4708:0608:0608:07    
Race6-296 Joseph Reeves05:0008:5309:2908:55    
Race6-297 Brian Headlee05:3610:2110:1810:59    
Race6-298 Michael Green06:3512:2412:43     
Race6-299 Karl Saarela06:3211:4813:08     
Race6-300 Charles Puttonen05:0009:0109:3309:13    
Race6-38 Ted Clausen05:4811:0610:2111:03    
Race6-39 Sam Clavette05:3911:3212:36     
Race6-44 James Cooke06:0010:1010:1410:09    
Race6-5 Markus Anderson05:1509:1109:3109:33    
Race6-52 Marcel Derosier05:5010:0809:5509:43    
Race6-56 John Duffey05:0608:5809:1408:59    
Race6-658 Joshua Schneider05:3609:2709:2709:21    
Race6-659 Hargrove Ross06:2411:2611:55     
Race6-660 Aaron Brooks06:4813:0611:50     
Race6-661 Chip Bernidid05:3709:4209:2109:34    
Race6-662 Scott Swenson05:4209:4109:1209:01    
Race6-663 Drake Harrington04:1708:2008:3308:25    
Race6-664 Michael Determan05:3909:4509:2109:57    
Race6-667 Sean Newton05:5509:3809:5310:02    
Race6-698 Matthew Appleman05:3709:3609:3209:18    
Race6-699 Gregg Ichel05:5509:5609:1509:33    
Race6-75 Bennett Goiffon05:2709:0709:1209:06    
Race6-83 Theodore Halvorson05:1809:5910:1810:39    
Race6-89 Jose Hernandez06:0910:1410:3110:46    
Race6-9 Daniel Ayala04:1708:1508:1908:22    
Race6-96 Andrew Hudacek04:1608:1608:1808:37    
Race6-98 Ken Hum04:4911:1111:3309:56    
Race6-999 08:22       

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