Individual Results for 2019 Machinery Hill Crit N6
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Race Details
Race Type Cycling
Race Date 5/21/2019 5:20:00 PM
Race Location MN State Fair Grounds
Race Description

Night 6 of the Machinery Hill Criterium Race Series.

Second Night of USAC sanctioned racing.

For Results: The tabs above "Individual Results" and "Leader board" are finish order on final lap.

The below results are based on total points and then finish order for rider's tied. 

Women Cat 4/5 Finish by Points

Men Cat 4/5 Finish by Points


5:20 PM   Beginner Women/Junior Girls

5:55 PM   Men Cat 4 5

6:30 PM   Women Open

7:10 PM   Men Cat 1 2 3

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FieldPosPICBib #First NameLast NameTeamClassTotal Time
737921373Men Cat 4/511587SteveMarshallMidtown CyclingMen Cat 4/525:41.4 WAYZATA
737931373Men Cat 4/52242GlennBarrDonkey LabelMen Cat 4/526:22.2 HUGO
737941373Men Cat 4/53357MicahDanielsonSPBRCMen Cat 4/526:28.1 ST PAUL
737951373Men Cat 4/544269ERICJOHNSONLoon State CyclistsMen Cat 4/526:28.1 MINNEAPOLIS
737961373Men Cat 4/55537DanielAyalaLoon State CyclistsMen Cat 4/526:30.0 BROOKLYN PARK
737971373Men Cat 4/566585LeeZettlerMidtown CyclingMen Cat 4/526:31.4 MANKATO
737981373Men Cat 4/577488JasonBeckLoon StateMen Cat 4/526:49.0 MINNEAPOLIS
737991373Men Cat 4/588586CoreyTowle Men Cat 4/526:55.0 WATERTOWN
738001373Men Cat 4/59934LorenDanielsonSPBRCMen Cat 4/526:55.4 ST PAUL
738011373Men Cat 4/51010265michaelstearnsGear WestMen Cat 4/527:19.7 SAINT LOUIS PARK
738021373Men Cat 4/51111275IanHaseLoppet Cycle WorksMen Cat 4/527:20.4 WHITE BEAR TOWNSHIP
738031373Men Cat 4/51212563AlexanderRooker Men Cat 4/526:55.5 MINNEAPOLIS
738041373Men Cat 4/51313559ThomasStahlMNJRCMen Cat 4/527:48.3 ROCHESTER
738051373Men Cat 4/51414191AnthonyHase Men Cat 4/527:53.5 WHITE BEAR TOWNSHIP
738061373Men Cat 4/599915234AnthonyCass Men Cat 4/514:26.2 ROSEVILLE
738071373Men Cat 4/599916481ElliotMoormannSPBRCMen Cat 4/508:44.2 ST. PAUL
738081373Men Cat 4/59991741JamesBerg Men Cat 4/506:30.7 MINNEAPOLIS
738091373Women Cat 4/51153EmyEverhartLoon State CyclistsWomen Cat 4/521:25.5 LAKE ELMO
738101373Women Cat 4/522584DanielleLarsonHoliday Camp Cycling ClubWomen Cat 4/521:28.6 MINNEAPOLIS
738111373Women Cat 4/53333ChristineDanielsonBirchwoodWomen Cat 4/521:34.5 ST PAUL
738121373Women Cat 4/544425LisaBrittonTHC/Girl FiendWomen Cat 4/521:34.5 MINNEAPOLIS
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Top 10 Finishers by Class

PIFPICBibFirst NameLast NameFieldClassTimeCityGender
ClassName: Men Cat 4/5
 11587SteveMarshallMen Cat 4/5Men Cat 4/525:41.4WAYZATAM
 2242GlennBarrMen Cat 4/5Men Cat 4/526:22.2HUGOM
 3357MicahDanielsonMen Cat 4/5Men Cat 4/526:28.1ST PAULM
 44269ERICJOHNSONMen Cat 4/5Men Cat 4/526:28.1MINNEAPOLISM
 5537DanielAyalaMen Cat 4/5Men Cat 4/526:30.0BROOKLYN PARKM
 66585LeeZettlerMen Cat 4/5Men Cat 4/526:31.4MANKATOM
 77488JasonBeckMen Cat 4/5Men Cat 4/526:49.0MINNEAPOLISM
 88586CoreyTowleMen Cat 4/5Men Cat 4/526:55.0WATERTOWNM
 9934LorenDanielsonMen Cat 4/5Men Cat 4/526:55.4ST PAULM
 1010265michaelstearnsMen Cat 4/5Men Cat 4/527:19.7SAINT LOUIS PARKM
ClassName: Women Cat 4/5
 1153EmyEverhartWomen Cat 4/5Women Cat 4/521:25.5LAKE ELMOF
 22584DanielleLarsonWomen Cat 4/5Women Cat 4/521:28.6MINNEAPOLISF
 3333ChristineDanielsonWomen Cat 4/5Women Cat 4/521:34.5ST PAULF
 44425LisaBrittonWomen Cat 4/5Women Cat 4/521:34.5MINNEAPOLISF
Lap Times (if available)

Bib Name1234567891011121314
M 45-191 Anthony Hase02:0402:1302:1402:2202:2102:2202:2202:2002:2802:2502:2002:17  
M 45-234 Anthony Cass01:5902:0002:0102:0102:0502:1002:07       
M 45-265 michael stearns01:5301:5101:5201:5201:5702:1002:0101:5401:5801:5201:5301:5101:5402:22
M 45-269 ERIC JOHNSON01:5201:4301:5101:5001:5601:5601:5901:5601:5001:5001:5902:0101:5301:48
M 45-275 Ian Hase01:5201:5001:5302:0601:5701:5901:5701:5401:5701:5301:5302:0801:5802:01
M 45-34 Loren Danielson01:5601:5301:5601:5801:5801:5501:5701:5401:5701:5301:5301:5101:5401:57
M 45-37 Daniel Ayala01:5101:5001:5301:5101:5801:5001:5701:5401:5501:5501:5701:5401:5301:49
M 45-41 James Berg01:5902:0002:29           
M 45-42 Glenn Barr01:5301:4901:5101:5101:5701:5001:5801:5601:5001:5201:5401:5401:5301:51
M 45-481 Elliot Moormann01:5502:0002:2002:24          
M 45-488 Jason Beck01:5201:4801:5401:5001:5701:4901:5901:5501:5502:0302:0001:5801:5501:51
M 45-559 Thomas Stahl02:1102:1202:0802:0502:0902:1102:1402:0602:0602:0002:0702:0602:10 
M 45-563 Alexander Rooker02:0001:5602:0502:0502:1002:0502:0302:0702:1002:0402:0402:0402:00 
M 45-57 Micah Danielson01:5301:4501:5301:5301:5801:5001:5601:5501:5101:5801:5801:5401:5201:48
M 45-585 Lee Zettler01:5401:4801:5201:5201:5701:5201:5501:5601:5401:5601:5701:5601:5101:50
M 45-586 Corey Towle01:5501:5301:5401:5801:5701:5901:5701:5401:5601:5301:5201:5101:5501:56
M 45-587 Steve Marshall01:5201:4501:5001:5001:5501:4501:4901:5101:5001:5301:5001:5001:4901:50
W 45-33 Christine Danielson02:2202:2002:3002:1702:2902:2102:2902:2402:22     
W 45-425 Lisa Britton02:2202:2002:3002:1802:2802:2102:2802:2502:22     
W 45-53 Emy Everhart02:0702:1102:1202:0002:0902:1702:0002:2002:1601:52    
W 45-584 Danielle Larson02:0702:1202:1102:0002:1002:1702:0102:1902:1501:56    

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