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May 5, 12 and 19 have been cancelled due to Covid 19 concerns.

   Machinery Hills Time Trial Series Starts the weekend of May 4

Rules and Guidelines

You must register at Strava.com and EndurancePromotions.com

Machinery Hill TT: Week #4

Hey folks!  We have something different for you this week.  Gravel!  Larry Foss at The Fix has put together a 36 mile route just south of Miesville, MN.  This route consists of primarily gravel roads and a healthy amount of elevation.  The timing will involve the whole route.  There are many stop signs and intersections on the route.  You are expected to ride safely.  

This week, the Fix will be running a raffle for prizes.  To be eligible for the Fix drawing - register on Endurance Promotions, complete the route, and upload to Strava.

The gravel on this route is relatively smooth.  We suggest the use of gravel or cx bikes. MTB bikes OK. Road bikes the tires should be at least 28mm.

Follow this route to obtain a time.  Note that the start and end points meet at 250th and Nicolai Ave.  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/32762938 

As a reminder:
1.The route must be completed in the specified time period.
2.Strava GPS traces will be used for official timing. If it’s not on strava, it didn’t happen.
3.This is an individual time trial series, there is no drafting permitted.
4.You can still race a route after the deadline, but your time will not be part of the standings nor will it count towards your series points.


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