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14592021 Beginner Racer ClinicMinnesota State Fairgrounds

2021 Beginner Racing Clinic

Presented by Endurance Fix & Mn Cycling Fed

Minnesota State Fairgrounds

Tuesday April 27

Starts at 6 PM until 8 PM


If you have a curiosity about bike racing but have anxiety about how it all works, this is your chance to join other beginners in a casual atmosphere for the night, taught by experienced Minnesota racers.                                         


Learn to:

Ride in a pack (feeling comfortable with racers in front of you, behind you and to both sides)

Protect your handlebars (know your surroundings)

Cornering (following the racer in front of you / cornering alone / handlebar position / building confidence)

Sprinting (knowing when to start your sprint / shifting before/during sprint / bike position)

Register for a race (which category do I race / knowing your USAC # / pinning a number on jersey)


USA Cycling One Day ($10) or Annual ($100) License required - accident medical coverage is included with license.

For more information or to register for the clinic-www.EndurancePromotions.com EMAIL: EndurancePromotions at Gmail.com

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14562021 Machinery Hills Time Trial Strava SeriesMinneosta

The Machinery Hills TT series

We’re hosting a series of weekly individual time trials using a GPS and Strava to record your times on the route or designated sections on a route. Times will be posted for each route/sections and points calculated on a series leaderboard. All times and leaderboard results will be posted at www.EndurancePromotions.com. This is an individual time trial series, there is no drafting permitted.

 Bike riders/racers of skill levels are welcome. Male and female. Youth with adult supervision. This series is not USAC sanctioned, no USAC license required.

 The series will start April 11 and will go through at least the end of June. The end date is dependent on when the community can resume racing in small groups.

 We’re hoping that this series scoreboard competition will help get the MN racing cycling community engaged in a safe and healthy manner. This series will allow the community to race and keep within the guidelines of social distancing.

How to participate

Register at no cost at www.EndurancePromotions.com and join the Machinery Hills TT Strava club to have your results included in the rankings. You can still join the series while it is in progress. Depending on when you register you may need to use all your races for series scoring.

Youth 18 and under – adult supervision required for kids unable to drive. We highly encourage adult supervision with driving aged youth.


1. The route must be completed in the specified time period, and posted on strava no later than 10 PM Sunday .

2. Strava GPS traces will be used for official timing. If it’s not on strava, it didn’t happen.

3. This is an individual time trial series, there is no drafting permitted.

4. You can still race a route after the deadline, but your time will not be part of the standings nor will it count towards your series points.


Each Sunday evening route sections will be posted on www.facebook.com/EndurancePromotions, www.EndurancePromotions.com and the Machinery Hills TT Strava Club. You will have until the following Sunday to complete weekly routes. The idea is to give you a chance to schedule and plan when to do the routes. Having a week to complete the routes vs everybody doing it the same day will meet the social distancing guidelines. I know this may affect times based on weather conditions throughout the week. You’ll have to be on top of the weather forecast for the week.

We will bring together routes/segments of varying distances and difficulties. Some routes will be based on the time to complete the whole route. Other routes will need to be completed with total times of select sections in the route. The idea is to keep the courses safe with limited stop signs/lights. You must abide by traffic controls, NO BLOWING through stop signs/lights. We will post routes in various locations around the metro area. The routes will allow for the climbers, sprinters and grinders to shine with varied terrain. Most of the routes will be pavement, but we have 2 gravel courses to use.


Route scoring will be based on total time to complete the route or select sections.

Routes with timed segments

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