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   Machinery Hills Time Trial Series Starts the weekend of May 4

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Hey folks!  It’s been a great run.  We’ve had a lot of fun with this TT series and we hope you did too.  We’ve had all sorts of different routes -- from gravel to long and flat to steep and short.  You’ve showed up and pushed your limits.  Some set records while everyone set some personal bests.  With the summer coming to a close, interest is waning and it looks like it’s time to wrap things up.  But we have two more weeks of riding for you.  This week, we’ll be re-running a crowd favorite: Randall’s Southwest Sprints.  Next week, we’ll return to Medina to re-run the first route of the series: The Medina Lollypop TT.  Make sure you come out there and see how much you’ve improved your time. 

 Machinery Hill TT: Week #14-FINAL WEEK

Hey folks!

The time has come.  This is the season finale of the Machinery Hill TT series.  For this week, we’re going back to the course on which we started.  We’ll be racing one more time around the Medina Lolly Pop course.  This route provides a unique experience for those who rode with us when for week #1.  Compare your times against the Spring and see how far you’ve come!

This 11.6 miles segment includes 3 right turns.  While the course profile may look flat, there are some rolling climbs that will show you 5-7% grades briefly.  Look for the gravel driveway at the end of Willow for your finish line.  Be safe and have fun out there. 

Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/32543031

Segment: https://www.strava.com/segments/23846592



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