Race Details for 2021 Beginner Racer Clinic

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    Date/Time & Type of Race: 4/27/2021 6:00:00 PM - Cycling


    2021 Beginner Racing Clinic

    Presented by Endurance Fix & Mn Cycling Fed

    Minnesota State Fairgrounds

    Tuesday April 27

    Starts at 6 PM until 8 PM


    If you have a curiosity about bike racing but have anxiety about how it all works, this is your chance to join other beginners in a casual atmosphere for the night, taught by experienced Minnesota racers.                                         


    Learn to:

    Ride in a pack (feeling comfortable with racers in front of you, behind you and to both sides)

    Protect your handlebars (know your surroundings)

    Cornering (following the racer in front of you / cornering alone / handlebar position / building confidence)

    Sprinting (knowing when to start your sprint / shifting before/during sprint / bike position)

    Register for a race (which category do I race / knowing your USAC # / pinning a number on jersey)


    USA Cycling One Day ($10) or Annual ($100) License required - accident medical coverage is included with license.

    For more information or to register for the clinic-www.EndurancePromotions.com EMAIL: EndurancePromotions at Gmail.com

    Location: Minnesota State Fairgrounds

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