Race Details for 2023 Machinery Hill Crit - Night 6

  • Race Information

    Date/Time & Type of Race: 6/6/2023 5:00:00 PM - Cycling


    Night Six of the Tuesday night crit series at the Fairgrounds

    Winner takes all.

    Stealth Prime Winners

    M Cat 1/2/3 - Karl Nygren (2),Matt Muyres, Peter Olejniczak, Nick Morison

    Women Open-Emy Horsey, Risa Hustad, Ragan Weigel, Milla Dufresne (2)

    M Cat 3/4-Masters- Nathan Long, Guy Smith, Will Pass

    M Cat 4/Novice-Jack Ralston       W Cat 4/Novice-Maddy Pesch

    Most Combative Rider

    M Cat 1/2/3-Karl Nygren            Women Open-Emy Horsey

    M Cat 4/Nov- Zach Bordeau       W Cat 4/Nov-Sarah Mount

    M Cat 3/4 & Masters-Andrew Nelson


    Presented by

    Location: MN State Fair - Falcon Heights, MN

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