Individual Results for 2019 Ken Woods Memorial Road Race
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Race Details
Race Type Cycling
Race Date 4/27/2019 9:00:00 AM
Race Location Urland Lutheran Church
Race Description

2019 KWMRR.

The weather was classic today with snow during the race and temperatures around freezing. Only 9 riders finished their races in the morning.

The afternoon fields raced for lap lap due to weather.

Congrats to the winners!

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FieldPosPICBib #First NameLast NameTeamClassTotal Time
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734651369Juniors1199IsaacJuracichLiquid VeloJr Boys 13-141:02:50 BELLINGHAM
734661369Juniors2197ThomasStahlMinnesota Junior Cycling IncJr Boys 15-161:02:53 ROCHESTER
734671369Juniors3196BenjaminJuracichLiquid VeloJr Boys 9-121:06:54 BELLINGHAM
734681369Juniors4292JamesHalversonMinnesota Junior Cycling IncJr Boys 13-141:07:02 NORTH BRANCH
734691369Juniors5198IanBallantyneNorthStar DevelopmentJr Boys 17-181:12:13 WOODBURY
734171369Masters 50+1127BrianKoenemanBirchwood/GISMasters 50+0:58:09 MINNEAPOLIS
734181369Masters 50+2221ScottHalversonOmnium RacingMasters 50+0:58:09 MINNEAPOLIS
734191369Masters 50+3328GregoryGoblirsch Masters 50+0:58:19 RIVER FALLS
734201369Masters 50+4417MichaelODayMinnesota Bicycle FestivalsMasters 50+0:58:44 MINNEAPOLIS
734211369Masters 50+5524JohnDeering Masters 50+0:59:09 MINNEAPOLIS
734221369Masters 50+6626DavidOlejniczak Masters 50+0:59:34 ROSEVILLE
734231369Masters 50+7718MichaelSlavicsChristianCycling.orgMasters 50+1:00:16 CHANHASSEN
734241369Masters 50+8823WilliamKuster Masters 50+1:03:46 CRYSTAL
734251369Masters 50+9916CharlesHayesUS Military Endurance SportsMasters 50+1:12:38 NORTHFIELD
734261369Masters 50+9981015TomGunderson Masters 50+  WHITE BEAR LAKE
734271369Masters 50+9981119JoeTrelevenChilkoot VeloMasters 50+  SAINT PAUL
734281369Masters 50+9981220KentMcDaniel Masters 50+  ONALASKA
734291369Masters 50+9981322StuartBensonChilkoot VeloMasters 50+  MAHTOMEDI
734301369Masters 50+9981425StuartGarrickPeace Coffee RacingMasters 50+  SAVAGE
733891369Men Cat 1/21168PeterOlejniczakProject Echelon RacingMen Cat 1/22:49:37 MINNEAPOLIS
733901369Men Cat 1/22267LukeRussell Men Cat 1/22:49:46 ROCHESTER
733911369Men Cat 1/23369NickCarterHot Tubes Development Cycling TeamMen Cat 1/22:49:52 MINNEAPOLIS
733921369Men Cat 1/2999455MatthewBosmanDonkey LabelMen Cat 1/21:52:34 MINNETONKA
733931369Men Cat 1/2999566TylerSteinCrit Fit Army Factory TeamMen Cat 1/20:59:26 BLOOMINGTON
733941369Men Cat 3 and Masters 40+11340WileyRadomskiBalance CyclingMen Cat 31:52:34 MINNEAPOLIS
733951369Men Cat 3 and Masters 40+22357KurtDruffelWaukesha Animal Hospital CyclingMen Cat 31:55:44 WAUKESHA
733961369Men Cat 3 and Masters 40+33355ReidOlsonBalance CyclingMen Cat 31:55:46 MINNEAPOLIS
733971369Men Cat 3 and Masters 40+44361PatrickParishKingfieldMen Cat 31:56:38 MINNEAPOLIS
733981369Men Cat 3 and Masters 40+55337NathanWentzKingfieldMen Cat 32:04:41 GOLDEN VALLEY
734141369Men Cat 3 and Masters 40+99819356LouisMuellerBalance CyclingMen Cat 3  MINNEAPOLIS
734111369Men Cat 3 and Masters 40+99816358StevenDeckertKingfieldMen Cat 3  MINNEAPOLIS
734121369Men Cat 3 and Masters 40+99817339AaronDrevlow Men Cat 3  COTTAGE GROVE
734131369Men Cat 3 and Masters 40+99818338NicholasMorisonBalance CyclingMen Cat 3  MINNEAPOLIS
734081369Men Cat 3 and Masters 40+99914341JacobOlsen Men Cat 31:00:10 INVER GROVE HEIGHTS
734101369Men Cat 3 and Masters 40+99915346JoeBurbachDonkey LabelMen Cat 3  HUDSON
734061369Men Cat 3 and Masters 40+99912363NicholasNelsonKingfieldMen Cat 30:59:53 MINNEAPOLIS
734071369Men Cat 3 and Masters 40+99913360JordanHolickySt Paul Bicycle Racing Club (SPBRC)Men Cat 31:00:02 SAINT PAUL
734041369Men Cat 3 and Masters 40+99910342CaseyGriesemer Men Cat 30:58:52 MINNEAPOLIS
734051369Men Cat 3 and Masters 40+99911343AnthonyHilligossNorthStar DevelopmentMen Cat 30:58:52 EDEN PRAIRIE
734021369Men Cat 3 and Masters 40+9998345MitchellFreundBig Ring FlyersMen Cat 30:56:05 NEW RICHMOND
734031369Men Cat 3 and Masters 40+9999344AlexTurner Men Cat 30:57:54 MINNEAPOLIS
734001369Men Cat 3 and Masters 40+9996354CalderGlowacMinnesota Cycling TeamMen Cat 30:55:49 ROCHESTER
734011369Men Cat 3 and Masters 40+9997362NickZawadskiKingfieldMen Cat 30:55:49 SAINT PAUL
734091369Men Cat 3 and Masters 40+9992190RyanAmundsonMidtown CyclingMasters 40+1:06:19 ST. LOUIS PARK
733991369Men Cat 3 and Masters 40+9991191SteveMarshallMidtown CyclingMasters 40+0:55:43 WAYZATA
734311369Men Cat 4/511213MatthewRengoSynergyMen Cat 4/50:51:54 FALCON HEIGHTS
734321369Men Cat 4/522204AaronHalfakerMidtown CyclingMen Cat 4/50:52:07 MINNEAPOLIS
734331369Men Cat 4/533211RossWeinzierlKingfieldMen Cat 4/50:52:08 SAINT PAUL
734341369Men Cat 4/544191SteveMarshallMidtown CyclingMen Cat 4/50:52:16 WAYZATA
734351369Men Cat 4/555206JakeCampbellKingfieldMen Cat 4/50:53:52 MINNEAPOLIS
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Top 10 Finishers by Class

PIFPICBibFirst NameLast NameFieldClassTimeCityGender
ClassName: Jr Boys 13-14
 1199IsaacJuracichJuniorsJr Boys 13-141:02:50BELLINGHAMM
 4292JamesHalversonJuniorsJr Boys 13-141:07:02NORTH BRANCHM
ClassName: Jr Boys 15-16
 2197ThomasStahlJuniorsJr Boys 15-161:02:53ROCHESTERM
ClassName: Jr Boys 17-18
 5198IanBallantyneJuniorsJr Boys 17-181:12:13WOODBURYM
ClassName: Jr Boys 9-12
 3196BenjaminJuracichJuniorsJr Boys 9-121:06:54BELLINGHAMM
ClassName: Masters 40+
 9991191SteveMarshallMen Cat 3 and Masters 40+Masters 40+0:55:43WAYZATAM
 9992190RyanAmundsonMen Cat 3 and Masters 40+Masters 40+1:06:19ST. LOUIS PARKM
ClassName: Masters 50+
 1127BrianKoenemanMasters 50+Masters 50+0:58:09MINNEAPOLISM
 2221ScottHalversonMasters 50+Masters 50+0:58:09MINNEAPOLISM
 3328GregoryGoblirschMasters 50+Masters 50+0:58:19RIVER FALLSM
 4417MichaelODayMasters 50+Masters 50+0:58:44MINNEAPOLISM
 5524JohnDeeringMasters 50+Masters 50+0:59:09MINNEAPOLISM
 6626DavidOlejniczakMasters 50+Masters 50+0:59:34ROSEVILLEM
 7718MichaelSlavicsMasters 50+Masters 50+1:00:16CHANHASSENM
 8823WilliamKusterMasters 50+Masters 50+1:03:46CRYSTALM
 9916CharlesHayesMasters 50+Masters 50+1:12:38NORTHFIELDM
 9981015TomGundersonMasters 50+Masters 50+ WHITE BEAR LAKEM
ClassName: Men Cat 1/2
 1168PeterOlejniczakMen Cat 1/2Men Cat 1/22:49:37MINNEAPOLISM
 2267LukeRussellMen Cat 1/2Men Cat 1/22:49:46ROCHESTERM
 3369NickCarterMen Cat 1/2Men Cat 1/22:49:52MINNEAPOLISM
 999455MatthewBosmanMen Cat 1/2Men Cat 1/21:52:34MINNETONKAM
 999566TylerSteinMen Cat 1/2Men Cat 1/20:59:26BLOOMINGTONM
ClassName: Men Cat 3
 11340WileyRadomskiMen Cat 3 and Masters 40+Men Cat 31:52:34MINNEAPOLISM
 22357KurtDruffelMen Cat 3 and Masters 40+Men Cat 31:55:44WAUKESHAM
 33355ReidOlsonMen Cat 3 and Masters 40+Men Cat 31:55:46MINNEAPOLISM
 44361PatrickParishMen Cat 3 and Masters 40+Men Cat 31:56:38MINNEAPOLISM
 55337NathanWentzMen Cat 3 and Masters 40+Men Cat 32:04:41GOLDEN VALLEYM
 9996354CalderGlowacMen Cat 3 and Masters 40+Men Cat 30:55:49ROCHESTERM
 9997362NickZawadskiMen Cat 3 and Masters 40+Men Cat 30:55:49SAINT PAULM
 9998345MitchellFreundMen Cat 3 and Masters 40+Men Cat 30:56:05NEW RICHMONDM
 9999344AlexTurnerMen Cat 3 and Masters 40+Men Cat 30:57:54MINNEAPOLISM
 99910342CaseyGriesemerMen Cat 3 and Masters 40+Men Cat 30:58:52MINNEAPOLISM
ClassName: Men Cat 4/5
 11213MatthewRengoMen Cat 4/5Men Cat 4/50:51:54FALCON HEIGHTSM
 22204AaronHalfakerMen Cat 4/5Men Cat 4/50:52:07MINNEAPOLISM
 33211RossWeinzierlMen Cat 4/5Men Cat 4/50:52:08SAINT PAULM
 44191SteveMarshallMen Cat 4/5Men Cat 4/50:52:16WAYZATAM
 55206JakeCampbellMen Cat 4/5Men Cat 4/50:53:52MINNEAPOLISM
 66214EthanPetersonMen Cat 4/5Men Cat 4/50:54:01MINNEAPOLISM
 77217GlennBarrMen Cat 4/5Men Cat 4/50:54:12HUGOM
 88203LeeZettlerMen Cat 4/5Men Cat 4/50:54:13MANKATOM
 99207ZachJuracichMen Cat 4/5Men Cat 4/50:54:18BELLINGHAMM
 1010221LouMcGranaghanMen Cat 4/5Men Cat 4/50:54:22LAKE TAPPSM
ClassName: Women Cat 1/2
 111JenniferHaleWomen OpenWomen Cat 1/22:17:53SAINT PAULF
ClassName: Women Cat 3/4
 9991489AmandaHarveyWomen OpenWomen Cat 3/41:15:13MINNEAPOLISF
ClassName: Women Cat 4/5
 11408LindsayWentzWomen Cat 4/5Women Cat 4/51:06:31GOLDEN VALLEYF
 22406ErikaPetersonWomen Cat 4/5Women Cat 4/51:06:55MINNEAPOLISF
 33407JessicaSantiagoWomen Cat 4/5Women Cat 4/51:06:58BURNSVILLEF
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