Individual Results for 2019 Long Way Home Bike Festival
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Race Details
Race Type Cycling
Race Date 8/10/2019 10:00:00 AM
Race Location Welch Village
Race Description

Inaugural running of the Long Way Home Bike Festival.

4 stage Enduro format.

Stage Results

Stage Placings

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FieldPosPICBib #First NameLast NameTeamClassTotal Time
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7569613934 Stage Enduro1172PeteKoski MEN08:02.1  
7569713934 Stage Enduro2268AdamTucker MEN08:10.2 EAGAN
7569813934 Stage Enduro3354BrandonSchroeder MEN08:16.9 FARIBAULT
7569913934 Stage Enduro4473DaveBaillargeon MEN08:19.4  
7570013934 Stage Enduro5571LoganWoolery MEN08:19.9 COTTAGE GROVE
7570113934 Stage Enduro6611CooperCamp MEN08:20.4 MINNEAPOLIS
7570213934 Stage Enduro7744JedOlson MEN08:20.5 LA CROSSE
7570313934 Stage Enduro8852SamuelPond MEN08:21.1 BURNSVILLE
7570413934 Stage Enduro997BryceBenz MEN08:22.7 EVANSVILLE
7570513934 Stage Enduro101010AdamBuck MEN08:24.8 SAINT PAUL
7570613934 Stage Enduro111116NickGreen MEN08:32.7 HAM LAKE
7570713934 Stage Enduro121240LeonardNick MEN08:32.9 ROCKFORD
7570813934 Stage Enduro131341BryceNowaczyk MEN08:34.4 MINNEAPOLIS
7570913934 Stage Enduro141413JohnDegeorge MEN08:35.7 PETERSON
7571013934 Stage Enduro15151DrewAgard MEN08:35.8 EAGAN
7571113934 Stage Enduro16162ColeAlsbach MEN08:43.5 APPLETON
7571213934 Stage Enduro171729CalebKittleson MEN08:43.9 ORONOCO
7571313934 Stage Enduro181843MikeOliver MEN08:44.6 BURNSVILLE
7571413934 Stage Enduro19198JoshuaBlum MEN08:44.7 LA CROSSE
7571513934 Stage Enduro202063JordanThiede MEN08:46.6 PINE ISLAND
7571613934 Stage Enduro212133ParkerLorentz MEN08:47.8 ONALASKA
7571713934 Stage Enduro22224ChrisBaartman MEN08:48.7 RED WING
7571813934 Stage Enduro232350ZacharyPeterson MEN08:49.1 ST.PAUL
7571913934 Stage Enduro242445DustyOverby MEN08:51.4 NEW PRAGUE
7572013934 Stage Enduro252570NickWaara MEN08:51.4 ROCHESTER
7572113934 Stage Enduro262634LeviLyons MEN08:52.0 LA CROSSE
7572213934 Stage Enduro272761AndrewSullivan MEN08:52.5 GOLDEN
7572313934 Stage Enduro282831MarkKruse MEN08:52.6 MONTGOMERY
7572413934 Stage Enduro292937KevinMerkling MEN08:55.2 ST PAUL
7572513934 Stage Enduro30309ZacharyBroden MEN08:56.4 FARIBAULT
7572613934 Stage Enduro313166ChristopherThormodson MEN08:56.5 INVER GROVE HTS
7572713934 Stage Enduro323260JonasSublett MEN08:58.0 RUSHFORD
7572813934 Stage Enduro333358DavidStarrs MEN09:01.9 MINNEAPOLIS
7572913934 Stage Enduro343414JonErickson MEN09:04.2 WHITE BEAR LK
7573013934 Stage Enduro353539AndrewNelson MEN09:04.7 MINNEAPOLIS
7573113934 Stage Enduro363651AndyPomeroy MEN09:06.8 COON RAPIDS
7573213934 Stage Enduro373719DanielHammerstrom MEN09:08.0 OAKDALE
7573313934 Stage Enduro383836NathanMeier MEN09:09.0 ROCHESTER
7573413934 Stage Enduro393928DakotaKelly MEN09:11.1 ROCHESTER
7573513934 Stage Enduro404024RyanJimenez MEN09:21.3 ANDOVER
7573613934 Stage Enduro414115ChrisFournie MEN09:27.4 ELK RIVER
7573713934 Stage Enduro424257FrankStanton MEN09:40.7 SOUTH SAINT PAUL
7573813934 Stage Enduro434321ShadHolland MEN09:41.6 SAINT LOUIS PARK
7573913934 Stage Enduro444459AustinStensen MEN09:48.8 CHIPPEWA FALLS
7574013934 Stage Enduro454565ZachThomsen MEN09:49.3 MAPLE GROVE
7574113934 Stage Enduro46118ChristinaHammerstrom WOMEN09:52.7 OAKDALE
7574213934 Stage Enduro474638ConnerMoss MEN09:54.5 FARIBAULT
7574313934 Stage Enduro48476BryanBakke MEN09:55.1 EAGAN
7574413934 Stage Enduro494856PaulSpurgeon MEN09:56.3 HASTINGS
7574513934 Stage Enduro504969JohnUnderwood MEN09:58.5 MINNEAPOLIS
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Top 10 Finishers by Class

PIFPICBibFirst NameLast NameFieldClassTimeCityGender
ClassName: MEN
 1172PeteKoski4 Stage EnduroMEN08:02.1 M
 2268AdamTucker4 Stage EnduroMEN08:10.2EAGANM
 3354BrandonSchroeder4 Stage EnduroMEN08:16.9FARIBAULTM
 4473DaveBaillargeon4 Stage EnduroMEN08:19.4 M
 5571LoganWoolery4 Stage EnduroMEN08:19.9COTTAGE GROVEM
 6611CooperCamp4 Stage EnduroMEN08:20.4MINNEAPOLISM
 7744JedOlson4 Stage EnduroMEN08:20.5LA CROSSEM
 8852SamuelPond4 Stage EnduroMEN08:21.1BURNSVILLEM
 997BryceBenz4 Stage EnduroMEN08:22.7EVANSVILLEM
 101010AdamBuck4 Stage EnduroMEN08:24.8SAINT PAULM
ClassName: WOMEN
 46118ChristinaHammerstrom4 Stage EnduroWOMEN09:52.7OAKDALEF
 52227SamanthaKelley4 Stage EnduroWOMEN10:02.9SAINT PAULF
 54367AnnaTruong4 Stage EnduroWOMEN10:20.6MINNEAPOLISF
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