Individual Results for 2021 MCF State Road Championships
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Race Details
Race Type Cycling
Race Date 8/7/2021 8:00:00 AM
Race Location Hutchinson, MN
Race Description

The 2021 MCF State Road Championships will be held in Hutchinson and promoted by Birchwood Racing Team.

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FieldPosPICBib #First NameLast NameTeamClassTotal Time
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873981481Jr Girls 15-1611197AbbyBratvold Jr Girls 15-1623:16.1 HASTINGS
873991481Jr Girls 15-1622196HaedynBarkeimNorthstar DevelopmentJr Girls 15-1630:15.8 ROCKFORD
874001481Jr Girls 15-1633194KatrinaHolbrookSaint Paul junior Cycling clubJr Girls 15-1631:17.2 SAINT PAUL
874011481Jr Girls 15-1644195GraceLoonanOne Ten CyclesJr Girls 15-1633:12.7 SAINT PAUL
874021481Jr Girls 15-1655191SophiaKatras Jr Girls 15-1641:15.0 ST. PAUL
874031481Junior Boys 15 - 1811251RyanSmithbergNorthStar Development CyclingJr Boys 17-1809:39.9 LAKE ELMO
874041481Junior Boys 15 - 1822250vincentramireznorthstar devoJr Boys 17-1809:39.9 AFTON
874051481Junior Boys 15 - 1831248JamesHalversonMinnesota Junior CyclingJr Boys 15-1609:40.3 NORTH BRANCH
874061481Junior Boys 15 - 1843252EvanZarembaDonkey Label RacingJr Boys 17-1809:47.9 MINNEAPOLIS
874071481Junior Boys 15 - 1854253TeganNeitzelNorth Star developmentJr Boys 17-1813:29.4 AFTON
874081481Junior Boys 15 - 1862249PierceMeyerMNJRCJr Boys 15-1613:31.8 LAKELAND
874091481Junior Boys 15 - 1875238DominicBarkeimNorthstar DevelopmentJr Boys 17-1813:38.2 ROCKFORD
874101481Junior Boys 15 - 1886237MicahDanielsonSPbRCJr Boys 17-1813:51.6 SAINT PAUL
873861481Juniors - 9 -14 11419RubenDayton-BrantmeierMnjrcJr Boys 13-1434:03.4 ST PAUL
873871481Juniors - 9 -14 22414LoganDrevlowDonkey Label RacingJr Boys 13-1434:03.6 GOLDEN VALLEY
873881481Juniors - 9 -14 33415NathanielHalversonMinnesota Junior CyclingJr Boys 13-1438:50.2 NORTH BRANCH
873891481Juniors - 9 -14 44412AndersDeckerNorthStar DevelopmentJr Boys 13-1438:50.2 MINNEAPOLIS
873901481Juniors - 9 -14 55420AntonioCastilloSmiles EdgeJr Boys 13-1438:57.6 PLYMOUTH
873911481Juniors - 9 -14 61411ColeHunterNorthStar DevelopmentJr Boys 9-1239:09.2 LAKEVILLE
873921481Juniors - 9 -14 76413IbanDrevlowNorth Star DevelopmentJr Boys 13-1441:47.5 COTTAGE GROVE
873931481Juniors - 9 -14 82408RoczenBeisselNorthStar DevoJr Boys 9-1241:48.6 HASTINGS
873941481Juniors - 9 -14 91418EloisePowellNorthStar DevelopmentJr Girls 13-1442:27.5 MARINE ON ST CROIX
873951481Juniors - 9 -14 103409LiamLanger Jr Boys 9-1244:39.1 STILLWATER
873961481Juniors - 9 -14 114410AllenFrenchNorth Star DevelopmentJr Boys 9-1248:31.8 INVER GROVE HEIGHTS
873971481Juniors - 9 -14 121407MinaCallNorthStar DevJr Girls 9-1257:42.3 SAINT PAUL
873791481M Cat_1/2/311416TimSavreProject EchelonM Cat_1/2/33:11:44.0 GLENCOE
873801481M Cat_1/2/322417InnokentyZavyalovGuillotine CyclingM Cat_1/2/33:11:44.2 MINNEAPOLIS
873811481M Cat_1/2/333406PatrickWelchVol Gas RacingM Cat_1/2/33:11:45.4 NORTHFIELD
873821481M Cat_1/2/344402JamesSlade M Cat_1/2/33:16:30.1 ST. PAUL
873831481M Cat_1/2/355405rossweinzierlKolektivM Cat_1/2/33:27:27.9 SAINT PAUL
873841481M Cat_1/2/366401PeterOlejniczakProject Echelon RacingM Cat_1/2/33:28:14.4 MINNEAPOLIS
873851481M Cat_1/2/377404ChaseWarkGuillotine Cycling - CerveloM Cat_1/2/33:28:14.5 WINONA
873611481M Cat_3/411210CameronMooreNicollet Bike and SkiM Cat_3/438:40.3 SAINT PETER
873621481M Cat_3/422201JacobBeissel110 RacingM Cat_3/438:44.3 HASTINGS
873631481M Cat_3/433212GabeMulter M Cat_3/438:45.1 DENVER
873641481M Cat_3/444208JonathanLaflerAudiM Cat_3/438:45.3 MANKATO
873651481M Cat_3/455239BradWoodfordKolectivM Cat_3/438:45.5 MINNEAPOLIS
873661481M Cat_3/466237MicahDanielsonSPbRCM Cat_3/438:46.2 SAINT PAUL
873671481M Cat_3/477240LouisMuellerVol Gas RacingM Cat_3/438:46.6 MINNEAPOLIS
873681481M Cat_3/488235BenjaminLunaNorthStar developmentM Cat_3/438:47.9 STILLWATER
873691481M Cat_3/499205RyanHafnerKolektivM Cat_3/438:48.3 MINNEAPOLIS
873701481M Cat_3/41010236LiamAdamsNorthstarM Cat_3/438:57.3 STILLWATER
873711481M Cat_3/41111213ChrisRourke M Cat_3/438:58.3 DULUTH
873721481M Cat_3/41212209SatchellMische-Richter M Cat_3/439:04.2 MINNEAPOLIS
873731481M Cat_3/41313202JacobBergPeace Coffee RacingM Cat_3/439:04.6 INVER GROVE HEIGHTS
873741481M Cat_3/41414211NicholasMorisonBalance CyclingM Cat_3/439:06.4 MINNEAPOLIS
873751481M Cat_3/41515203AnthonyCorradiVol Gas RacingM Cat_3/439:37.5 DULUTH
873761481M Cat_3/41616207AlexKowalsky M Cat_3/439:42.2 SAINT PAUL
873771481M Cat_3/41717214JaradWatts M Cat_3/442:47.5 PLYMOUTH
873781481M Cat_3/4999999238DominicBarkeimNorthstar DevelopmentM Cat_3/421:02.7 ROCKFORD
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PIFPICBibFirst NameLast NameFieldClassTimeCityGender
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 117 items in 2 pages
Field: Jr Girls 15-16; Class: Jr Girls 15-16
 11197AbbyBratvoldJr Girls 15-16Jr Girls 15-1623:16.1HASTINGSF
 22196HaedynBarkeimJr Girls 15-16Jr Girls 15-1630:15.8ROCKFORDF
 33194KatrinaHolbrookJr Girls 15-16Jr Girls 15-1631:17.2SAINT PAULF
 44195GraceLoonanJr Girls 15-16Jr Girls 15-1633:12.7SAINT PAULF
 55191SophiaKatrasJr Girls 15-16Jr Girls 15-1641:15.0ST. PAULF
Field: Junior Boys 15 - 18; Class: Jr Boys 15-16
 31248JamesHalversonJunior Boys 15 - 18Jr Boys 15-1609:40.3NORTH BRANCHM
 62249PierceMeyerJunior Boys 15 - 18Jr Boys 15-1613:31.8LAKELANDM
Field: Junior Boys 15 - 18; Class: Jr Boys 17-18
 11251RyanSmithbergJunior Boys 15 - 18Jr Boys 17-1809:39.9LAKE ELMOM
 22250vincentramirezJunior Boys 15 - 18Jr Boys 17-1809:39.9AFTONM
 43252EvanZarembaJunior Boys 15 - 18Jr Boys 17-1809:47.9MINNEAPOLISM
 54253TeganNeitzelJunior Boys 15 - 18Jr Boys 17-1813:29.4AFTONM
 75238DominicBarkeimJunior Boys 15 - 18Jr Boys 17-1813:38.2ROCKFORDM
 86237MicahDanielsonJunior Boys 15 - 18Jr Boys 17-1813:51.6SAINT PAULM
Field: Juniors - 9 -14; Class: Jr Boys 13-14
 11419RubenDayton-BrantmeierJuniors - 9 -14 Jr Boys 13-1434:03.4ST PAULM
 22414LoganDrevlowJuniors - 9 -14 Jr Boys 13-1434:03.6GOLDEN VALLEYM
 33415NathanielHalversonJuniors - 9 -14 Jr Boys 13-1438:50.2NORTH BRANCHM
 44412AndersDeckerJuniors - 9 -14 Jr Boys 13-1438:50.2MINNEAPOLISM
 55420AntonioCastilloJuniors - 9 -14 Jr Boys 13-1438:57.6PLYMOUTHM
 76413IbanDrevlowJuniors - 9 -14 Jr Boys 13-1441:47.5COTTAGE GROVEM
Field: Juniors - 9 -14; Class: Jr Boys 9-12
 61411ColeHunterJuniors - 9 -14 Jr Boys 9-1239:09.2LAKEVILLEM
 82408RoczenBeisselJuniors - 9 -14 Jr Boys 9-1241:48.6HASTINGSM
 103409LiamLangerJuniors - 9 -14 Jr Boys 9-1244:39.1STILLWATERM
 114410AllenFrenchJuniors - 9 -14 Jr Boys 9-1248:31.8INVER GROVE HEIGHTSM
Field: Juniors - 9 -14; Class: Jr Girls 13-14
 91418EloisePowellJuniors - 9 -14 Jr Girls 13-1442:27.5MARINE ON ST CROIXF
Field: Juniors - 9 -14; Class: Jr Girls 9-12
 121407MinaCallJuniors - 9 -14 Jr Girls 9-1257:42.3SAINT PAULF
Field: M Cat_1/2/3; Class: M Cat_1/2/3
 11416TimSavreM Cat_1/2/3M Cat_1/2/33:11:44.0GLENCOEM
 22417InnokentyZavyalovM Cat_1/2/3M Cat_1/2/33:11:44.2MINNEAPOLISM
 33406PatrickWelchM Cat_1/2/3M Cat_1/2/33:11:45.4NORTHFIELDM
 44402JamesSladeM Cat_1/2/3M Cat_1/2/33:16:30.1ST. PAULM
 55405rossweinzierlM Cat_1/2/3M Cat_1/2/33:27:27.9SAINT PAULM
 66401PeterOlejniczakM Cat_1/2/3M Cat_1/2/33:28:14.4MINNEAPOLISM
 77404ChaseWarkM Cat_1/2/3M Cat_1/2/33:28:14.5WINONAM
Field: M Cat_3/4; Class: M Cat_3/4
 11210CameronMooreM Cat_3/4M Cat_3/438:40.3SAINT PETERM
 22201JacobBeisselM Cat_3/4M Cat_3/438:44.3HASTINGSM
 33212GabeMulterM Cat_3/4M Cat_3/438:45.1DENVERM
 44208JonathanLaflerM Cat_3/4M Cat_3/438:45.3MANKATOM
 55239BradWoodfordM Cat_3/4M Cat_3/438:45.5MINNEAPOLISM
 66237MicahDanielsonM Cat_3/4M Cat_3/438:46.2SAINT PAULM
 77240LouisMuellerM Cat_3/4M Cat_3/438:46.6MINNEAPOLISM
 88235BenjaminLunaM Cat_3/4M Cat_3/438:47.9STILLWATERM
 99205RyanHafnerM Cat_3/4M Cat_3/438:48.3MINNEAPOLISM
 1010236LiamAdamsM Cat_3/4M Cat_3/438:57.3STILLWATERM
Field: M Cat_4; Class: M Cat_4
 11397LeeZettlerM Cat_4M Cat_419:05.5OAKDALEM
 22391WilliampassM Cat_4M Cat_419:05.8NORTH MANKATOM
 33389AlexanderKrippsM Cat_4M Cat_419:05.8VERONAM
 44396EricWiesenburgerM Cat_4M Cat_419:06.1HASTINGSM
 55388RyanKraftM Cat_4M Cat_419:15.0CARVERM
 66384DustinBowmanM Cat_4M Cat_419:17.6MANKATOM
 77387FrankJocewicz IIIM Cat_4M Cat_419:18.2MINNEAPOLISM
 88394BlakeNelsonM Cat_4M Cat_419:23.4EAGANM
 99386AveryHackettM Cat_4M Cat_419:25.1MINNEAPOLISM
 1010390DerekLudwigM Cat_4M Cat_419:27.5MOORHEADM
Field: M Cat_4/ Novice; Class: M Cat_4/ Novice
 11241DanKohlerM Cat_4/ NoviceM Cat_4/ Novice1:50:10.3SIOUX FALLSM
 22215TimothyBathkeM Cat_4/ NoviceM Cat_4/ Novice1:50:12.6MINNEAPOLISM
 33230ThomasPolzinM Cat_4/ NoviceM Cat_4/ Novice1:50:15.8ST. PAULM
 44223MorganHendricksM Cat_4/ NoviceM Cat_4/ Novice1:50:16.5CHANHASSENM
 55222EllisGartonM Cat_4/ NoviceM Cat_4/ Novice1:50:16.9MINNEAPOLISM
 66234AnselSmolundM Cat_4/ NoviceM Cat_4/ Novice1:50:18.8MINNEAPOLISM
 77225EverettLauerM Cat_4/ NoviceM Cat_4/ Novice1:50:19.1STILLWATERM
 88352EvanHewittM Cat_4/ NoviceM Cat_4/ Novice1:50:20.0MINNEAPOLISM
 99233MaxwellSmittenM Cat_4/ NoviceM Cat_4/ Novice1:50:20.1MARINE ON ST CROIXM
 1010232MichaelShoemakerM Cat_4/ NoviceM Cat_4/ Novice1:50:25.4WAYZATAM
Field: M Masters and W Cat 1/2/3; Class: M Masters 40+
 11451AaronDrevlowM Masters and W Cat 1/2/3M Masters 40+2:01:09.0COTTAGE GROVEM
 22456KeviinSidwellM Masters and W Cat 1/2/3M Masters 40+2:01:09.1MINNEAPOLISM
 33458DominicHowesM Masters and W Cat 1/2/3M Masters 40+2:01:09.3MINNEAPOLISM
 44454JayWollerM Masters and W Cat 1/2/3M Masters 40+2:01:28.9MINNEAPOLISM
 85457DanBarkeimM Masters and W Cat 1/2/3M Masters 40+2:03:03.2ROCKFORDM
 116455AaronJohnsonM Masters and W Cat 1/2/3M Masters 40+2:03:03.6STILLWATERM
 127448BradyPrenzlowM Masters and W Cat 1/2/3M Masters 40+2:03:03.7BROOKLYN PARKM
 218452CharlesAndersonM Masters and W Cat 1/2/3M Masters 40+2:03:05.5BLAINEM
 229445KyleRickertM Masters and W Cat 1/2/3M Masters 40+2:03:05.6MAPLE GROVEM
 2510453keithbianchiM Masters and W Cat 1/2/3M Masters 40+2:03:06.9ST. PAULM
Field: M Masters and W Cat 1/2/3; Class: M Masters 50+
 51186BrianKoenemanM Masters and W Cat 1/2/3M Masters 50+2:03:02.8GOLDEN VALLEYM
 62194TobySchifskyM Masters and W Cat 1/2/3M Masters 50+2:03:03.1MENDOTA HEIGHTSM
 73185BradWessmanM Masters and W Cat 1/2/3M Masters 50+2:03:03.1MINNEAPOLISM
 104184BrendonHaleM Masters and W Cat 1/2/3M Masters 50+2:03:03.3SAINT PAULM
 155190MichaelO'DayM Masters and W Cat 1/2/3M Masters 50+2:03:04.0MINNEAPOLISM
 166188JohnDunnM Masters and W Cat 1/2/3M Masters 50+2:03:04.5MINNEAPOLISM
 177136EdAlpasaM Masters and W Cat 1/2/3M Masters 50+2:03:04.7DAYTONM
 198193KyleJohnsonM Masters and W Cat 1/2/3M Masters 50+2:03:05.0STILLWATERM
 209182TimBrandvoldM Masters and W Cat 1/2/3M Masters 50+2:03:05.1MINNEAPOLISM
 2410191GregGoblirschM Masters and W Cat 1/2/3M Masters 50+2:03:06.3RIVER FALLSM
Field: M Masters and W Cat 1/2/3; Class: M Masters 60+
 91395markhalvorsonM Masters and W Cat 1/2/3M Masters 60+2:03:03.3MINNEAPOLISM
 132400TomGundersonM Masters and W Cat 1/2/3M Masters 60+2:03:03.8STILLWATERM
 143398DavidOlejniczakM Masters and W Cat 1/2/3M Masters 60+2:03:03.8ROSEVILLM
 284396KirkClowserM Masters and W Cat 1/2/3M Masters 60+2:03:07.8DELLWOODM
 345399CharlieHayesM Masters and W Cat 1/2/3M Masters 60+2:35:44.4NORTHFIELDM
Field: M Masters and W Cat 1/2/3; Class: W Cat_1/2/3
 181302gabriellerussellM Masters and W Cat 1/2/3W Cat_1/2/32:03:04.8MINNEAPOLISF
 232301JenniferHaleM Masters and W Cat 1/2/3W Cat_1/2/32:03:05.8SAINT PAULF
Field: W Cat_3/4/Novice; Class: W Novice
 31323XiayuPengW Cat_3/4/NoviceW Novice1:56:28.5MINNEAPOLISF
 102326DominiqueLavanchyW Cat_3/4/NoviceW Novice1:56:42.6ST. PAULF
 133322SarahMountW Cat_3/4/NoviceW Novice2:03:01.3EAU CLAIREF
 144330MiloDueW Cat_3/4/NoviceW Novice2:04:10.5MINNEAPOLISF
 155324ErinPorterW Cat_3/4/NoviceW Novice2:04:40.4MINNEAPOLISF
 166320TraceyHysjulienW Cat_3/4/NoviceW Novice2:07:57.1MINNETONKAF
 177321ChristinaKnudsonW Cat_3/4/NoviceW Novice2:07:59.0MINNEAPOLISF
 188319MadilynnGarciaW Cat_3/4/NoviceW Novice2:08:02.9MINNEAPOLISF
 199327LisaLendwayW Cat_3/4/NoviceW Novice2:08:03.8ST. PAULF
 2110328AllisonSmithW Cat_3/4/NoviceW Novice2:14:57.1MINNEAPOLISF
Field: W Cat_3/4/Novice; Class: W Cat 3 (Showing 1 of 5 items. Group continues on the next page.)
 11313JosephineRamirezW Cat_3/4/NoviceW Cat 31:56:27.1AFTONF
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