Individual Results for 2022 Fat Fish Frozen
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Race Details
Race Type Cycling
Race Date 1/8/2022 10:00:00 AM
Race Location Danbury, WI
Race Description

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FieldPosPICBib #First NameLast NameTeamClassTotal Time
962831512Bone Saw Briar 11 miles11232KevinLink OPNMEN2:10:21 SIREN
962841512Bone Saw Briar 11 miles22204RickCampion OPNMEN2:50:46 CRYSTAL
962851512Bone Saw Briar 11 miles31222DavidUrban MAST55MEN2:59:02 HUDSON
962861512Bone Saw Briar 11 miles4281CharlieHayesUS Military Endurance SportsMAST55MEN2:59:06 NORTHFIELD
962871512Bone Saw Briar 11 miles53230BradHautala OPNMEN3:08:18 MINNEAPOLIS
962881512Bone Saw Briar 11 miles63219LarryMarxlcrMAST55MEN3:12:05 SHOREVIEW
962891512Bone Saw Briar 11 miles71227DianeHolliday-Welsh MAST55WOM3:28:11 DULUTH
962901512The Bramble 26 miles1169ChaseWarkWark?s CyclingOPNMEN2:52:31 WINONA
962911512The Bramble 26 miles2226SeanCooleyEvery Man JackOPNMEN3:12:52 SAINT PAUL
962921512The Bramble 26 miles3337JayHendersonThe Hollywood Cr?OPNMEN3:18:02 MINNEAPOLIS
962931512The Bramble 26 miles4464SteveStockerBig Ring FlyersOPNMEN3:20:14 RIVER FALLS
962941512The Bramble 26 miles5179DaveChristensenFreeWheel BikeMAST55MEN3:27:39 MINNETRISTA
962951512The Bramble 26 miles6560TonySerpeLCR (Larsons Cycles)OPNMEN3:43:35 BURNSVILLE
962961512The Bramble 26 miles7625JeffColbertLarson?s cycle racingOPNMEN3:55:45 CAMBRIDGE
962971512The Bramble 26 miles8732GregGentleTeam Hollywood CyclesOPNMEN4:01:08 SOMERSET
962981512The Bramble 26 miles9288EricPiriusFreewheelMAST55MEN4:14:09 MINNETONKA
962991512The Bramble 26 miles10821CoreyBurtonBig Ring Flyers-ApexOPNMEN4:20:29 ROBERTS
963001512The Bramble 26 miles11959JaredScheel OPNMEN4:30:08 ANDOVER
963011512The Bramble 26 miles121096JamesKauthTeam Hollywood CyclesOPNMEN4:35:01 ROSEVILLE
963021512The Bramble 26 miles131120GaryBrunsBig Ring FlyersOPNMEN4:50:52 SOMERSET WI
963031512The Bramble 26 miles141261AllanShuros OPNMEN5:04:53 ST. PAUL
963041512The Bramble 26 miles1516RisaHustadTacoCat RacingOPNWOMEN5:28:31 MINNEAPOLIS
963051512The Bramble 26 miles16390JaySchneiderMidwest Off-RoadMAST55MEN5:28:31 LAKELAND
963061512The Bramble 26 miles171368MattSwensonMinnesota Crusty CrankersOPNMEN5:56:17 MINNETONKA
963071512The Bramble 26 miles181443KenKerekes OPNMEN6:06:58 MARQUETTE
963081512The Bramble 26 miles191573JayAnderson OPNMEN6:24:43 ELK RIVER
963091512The Bramble 26 miles20211KathleenPalmerTonka Rough RidersOPNWOMEN6:35:09 CHANHASSEN
963101512The Bramble 26 miles211624EamonnCaseyDitchweedOPNMEN7:57:57 MINNEAPOLIS
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PIFPICBibFirst NameLast NameFieldClassTimeCityGender
Field: Bone Saw Briar 11 miles; Class: MAST55MEN
 31222DavidUrbanBone Saw Briar 11 milesMAST55MEN2:59:02HUDSONM
 4281CharlieHayesBone Saw Briar 11 milesMAST55MEN2:59:06NORTHFIELDM
 63219LarryMarxBone Saw Briar 11 milesMAST55MEN3:12:05SHOREVIEWM
Field: Bone Saw Briar 11 miles; Class: MAST55WOM
 71227DianeHolliday-WelshBone Saw Briar 11 milesMAST55WOM3:28:11DULUTHF
Field: Bone Saw Briar 11 miles; Class: OPNMEN
 11232KevinLinkBone Saw Briar 11 milesOPNMEN2:10:21SIRENM
 22204RickCampionBone Saw Briar 11 milesOPNMEN2:50:46CRYSTALM
 53230BradHautalaBone Saw Briar 11 milesOPNMEN3:08:18MINNEAPOLISM
Field: The Bramble 26 miles; Class: MAST55MEN
 5179DaveChristensenThe Bramble 26 milesMAST55MEN3:27:39MINNETRISTAM
 9288EricPiriusThe Bramble 26 milesMAST55MEN4:14:09MINNETONKAM
 16390JaySchneiderThe Bramble 26 milesMAST55MEN5:28:31LAKELANDM
Field: The Bramble 26 miles; Class: OPNMEN
 1169ChaseWarkThe Bramble 26 milesOPNMEN2:52:31WINONAM
 2226SeanCooleyThe Bramble 26 milesOPNMEN3:12:52SAINT PAULM
 3337JayHendersonThe Bramble 26 milesOPNMEN3:18:02MINNEAPOLISM
 4464SteveStockerThe Bramble 26 milesOPNMEN3:20:14RIVER FALLSM
 6560TonySerpeThe Bramble 26 milesOPNMEN3:43:35BURNSVILLEM
 7625JeffColbertThe Bramble 26 milesOPNMEN3:55:45CAMBRIDGEM
 8732GregGentleThe Bramble 26 milesOPNMEN4:01:08SOMERSETM
 10821CoreyBurtonThe Bramble 26 milesOPNMEN4:20:29ROBERTSM
 11959JaredScheelThe Bramble 26 milesOPNMEN4:30:08ANDOVERM
 121096JamesKauthThe Bramble 26 milesOPNMEN4:35:01ROSEVILLEM
Field: The Bramble 26 miles; Class: OPNWOMEN
 1516RisaHustadThe Bramble 26 milesOPNWOMEN5:28:31MINNEAPOLISF
 20211KathleenPalmerThe Bramble 26 milesOPNWOMEN6:35:09CHANHASSENF
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